4th of July

Happy fourth of July! Today while I was in the shower I belted out the star-spangled banner very poorly at the top of my lungs. I did this for Kevin's benefit as he was just laying on our bed with the boys. As soon as I got out Kevin said
"hey babe, did you close the window in there?"
Ahhhh! We had opened it last night to get some air flowing through our room. The blinds were closed so I figured Kevin had closed the window too. Who knows how many neighbors heard me? How can I look any of them in the eyes again? What must they think? I know if I heard my neighbor belting it out like that I'd grab Kevin and we'd both laugh and laugh. Oh, so mortifying! My face got hot and I fell to the bed, only to realize Kevin was enjoying this way too much. He had closed the window earlier. The punk. It took a while for the embarrassment to wear off, then we both got a good laugh.

I love this holiday. We had breakfast up Provo canyon with Kev's family. It was beautiful. I'm making this awesome dip to bring to our family BBQ. We'll swim and eat and watch fireworks. I'm so excited to watch my boys watch the fireworks. It's all magic to them.

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