a little vacation

Tuesday night we drove up to Eden, Utah to spend some time with my wonderful friend Marne and her lovely family. I seriously love that woman and every moment spent with her is a happy one for me. Her mother, Marilyn, had rented some condos up there for a family reunion, but everyone else had to leave one day early, so we came up to fill in for the day. Who invites a family with 4 little boys to vacation with them? Very brave. (Marilyn also had 4 kids in 4 years and had to raise them alone. Can you imagine it? Amazing. I think about her all the time, in awe.)

It was SO pretty up there. Definitely lives up to its name in my estimation. I didn't know such places existed in barren Utah.

My boys meshed with her girls and although there were a few melt-downs, there was very little fighting and lots and lots of happy laughing. I love those girls and bonded with her youngest, Gwyneth (Gwenna), on a new level. She's just a little younger than Noah and so very enchanting. Dark eyes, skin, and curly hair. Makes me crave a girl.

We fed coy fish(one of those suckers was HUGE), visited the monastery to hear the chants (very interesting, once.), ate and ate, swam, played games, packed up and drove home.

The swimming part was probably my favorite. I so wish I'd had a camera. Jack paddled around on a swimming noodle, but never deeper than he could reach. Taylor was always latched on to some adult (usually Marne) smiling and laughing with excitement. Noah loved riding on Kevin's back and splashing in the kiddie pool. Marne's girls were great little swimmers. She's amazing at teaching her kids everything, such a good mom. Seriously.

Overall it was such a fun little vacation and just what I needed. Someday we'll get a cabin up there. We decided.
Us outside of the monastery.
(don't you love the crosses in the fence?)
We look like a real family, 4 kids and all.
Kevin and Natalie + 4.5 years = 6 people

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