home sweet home...away from home

Here is where I am...

...Aren't you jealous?
I apologize for my lack of writing. I am in a remote area with slow internet and many people with one computer to share. In truth, though, I've just been basking in the beauty here, enjoying the transformation (from cranky to free and happy) in my children, and catching up with family and have not had much time for much else.

I am sitting here with my beautiful sister Mikelle. She is the person I would like to be in many ways. She's 18 and coming down to BYU this fall. If Mikelle has one fault it is that she is too kind. She is so serving and wants everyone around her to be happy. She is quick to laugh at herself and very slow to judge others. She plays tirelessly with my boys and they all love DaKehw (as Jack says it) Mitehw (as Tays says it) and Cow (as noah says).
It has been a lovely trip so far. I feel very at home here. When we arrived my mom had set up a place for Jack and Taylor to sleep in one room, a bed for Noah in the laundry room, and a portable crib for Austin in another room with me. Well, that did not go over well with the boys and after many attempts at different arrangements we have all ended up in the smallest room together. I think it works so well because the boys play so hard everyday and are quick to fall and stay asleep.
My dad usually rocks Austin to sleep while I get the other boys all in the full-sized bed with me. I just lay there with them in the dark (the room has no windows) and within 15 minutes they all drift off. Then I move Jack and Tays onto blankets on the floor, put Austin in his bed and am free to play within earshot of our baby moniter. After the first night the boys stopped waking eachother up in the night and although its crowded and Austin has been a little sick, I'm getting okay sleep.

There is much more to tell, but no more time...

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  1. I'm glad that your trip is going well and you're getting a chance to recharge your batteries.


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