Today is my brother Nick's birthday. He is turning 29. I've admired Nick since high school, even though we didn't usually get along back then. I liked for people to know he was my brother because he was smart and well liked at school. He was a senior when I was a freshman and though our paths rarely crossed in that big Roswell High, he'd always say hi when they did. It made me feel good, that he wasn't too embarrassed of me. His opinion always meant a lot to me.

Now he's in his final year of law school at UVA, with a solid job in Dallas just waiting for him when he graduates. He has an amazing wife and 3 beautiful kids and I still feel a little too proud when I tell people about him. You should see me now, glowing from all this talk of him...

He gave us a car once. Just handed over the keys as they were moving so that I could have one to drive around as a new mom. They could have sold it for at least a few thousand dollars, they were at least as poor as we were. But they didn't bat an eye about it...that generosity is a big part of who Nick is and I'll never forget it.

Nick, I love you so much and am so so proud of you. Really. In a dorky freshman looking up to a cool senior sort of way. You're an amazing leader and I feel so lucky to call myself your sister. Happy Birthday!


  1. auguri dall'Italia!! happy birtdhay from Italy! Ciao cecilia


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