nine nine oh nine

Tomorrow is 09/09/09.

Have a nine party, will you?

I will.

My lovely sister Mikelle is turning 19.
She was born on 09/09/90.When she turned 9 on 9/9/99
(and was 1 of 9 children)
She was on our local news.

It was all very exciting.
Maybe the most famous a Nelson has ever been.

(Except there was that one time Kristen was in a commercial for Novell, was it?, and that other time when Nick was on the news after staging a walkout at our high school when the old, beloved head coach was fired unjustly by the new athletic director. I guess I was on the news once. they were covering some story about our elementary school and my friend and I walked outside and over to the playground after lunch. We didn't even notice the camera, but the next day she told me her mom had seen us on the news. But that doesn't really count of course.)

Tomorrow we'll be celebrating with Mikelle.

(that is a surprise though. I'm pretty sure she won't read this. She's in college and has a very busy life these days...so yeah, I doubt she ever reads the blog of the 'motherly' sister. Thats okay, one day she'll love it I'm sure)

There will be a nine-layer cake made by Kristen.

I'm not sure yet what that will entail, but it sounds good to me. maybe. maybe not.
I'll let you know how it turns out in the end.

Please, though, have a little party of your own, even if you don't have a great reason.

It will do you good, and if you don't do it tomorrow, it's over. You'll have to wait until October of next year. And the weather starts to get iffy in October.

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