I hate the FALL

Alright, I don't really hate the fall. I just love saying that because I always get the same response of "WHAT?! I LOVE the fall! How can you hate fall? It's so...." then they go into a string of reasons why fall is so magical and they get this tone. It's as though everyone thinks they're original for loving the fall, like seeing the beauty in it is a gift. It's not, because everyone does.

I see it, but the bad fall brings seems to overshadow the good for me in this era of my life. It's like 3 weeks of good weather, and then it's too cold. My kids are already getting runny noses. Fall is the beginning of the end. Death to all that was living in the outside world. Save your enthusiasm for the spring.

I warned you. I get cranky when it starts to get cold.


  1. Yikes! You weren't kidding--you do get grumpy! :)

    I'm really busy this next week or so with work but after that I'd be up for taking our boys somewhere. We could go to farm country, the aquarium, apple picking, or something like that.

    Hang in there!

  2. Oh, Faith=) You are so so nice. I posted this in good humor more than actual despair. I'd love to get together with you sometime. The boys would love any of those things. Call me!

  3. I get cranky too, and then I remind myself, "at least I don't live in Rexburg anymore." Winters anywhere are never as bad as freaking Rexburg. I can handle a little Utah cold weather. The runny noses though, those I get grumpy about!

  4. You make me laugh! I hope you can come up with good winter activities and share! Hope those runny noses go away!!

  5. Natalie! I am so glad to have contact with you again! We will certainly look you up when we get ourselves back to Utah (which I keep telling Eric I want to do). I cannot believe how great you look! I am so jealous ;^) Thank you for all your posts on our blog - I love to hear your comments. Aren't babies just so wonderful (cue Noel - "I'm not a baby, I'm a big girl!!)


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