The weekend report

On Friday night we went down to Provo to buy chicken. Kev ran in and came out with four 40 pound boxes of it! Then we picked up Marlee and went up the Canyon for a little picnic. We were a few weeks too late for the best weather. It was a little too cold to really enjoy it, but it was a good trial run for next year I guess.

We came home and got the boys to bed then Marlee and I trimmed 120 pounds of chicken. SO GROSS! It was so slimy and smelly. Almost enough to drive me to vegetarianism. We listened to episodes of Judge Judy as we cut cut cut. Our hands got so slimy, then crinkly. Every now and then we'd shudder at how gross it all was, how we could never be butchers, how this was probably a new low in both of our lives...a Friday night full of Judge Judy and slimy chicken. After 3 hours, we couldn't bring ourselves to do the last box. Kev and I did 20 more pounds together, then just bagged the final 20 without trimming. I loved spending that time with Marlee though. She is hilarious and such a good sport. I did buy her a hamper and a dress when we went to a few yard sales on Saturday morning (totaling $2.50), so I guess we're pretty much even, right Marlee, eh? even?=)
Saturday was beautiful, really, a perfect fall day. It just wouldn't do to stay indoors, so we decided to drive up to Wheeler Farm.
When we lived up in Salt Lake we spend many many hours there. It is a free historic farm that covers acres of land in Murray. They have every farm animal you could hope to see and old tractors that the boys love to climb on.

As I walked along the path towards the cows with my family I felt a surge of happiness. What a dream, to be out on this amazing fall day, holding hands with my awesome husband, surrounded by excited little boys, in perfect weather, and a BYU game recording for us at home. There were brand new little piglets that were so so cute. Kevin later asked if seeing them that little kindof made me want one. "Yes, it did," I admitted. "Me too!" he said with a smile. He keeps me happy, that man. It was a great afternoon, and I have to admit I'm falling for Autumn again.


  1. Wow, that's a whole lotta chicken! Good for you! I sometimes wish we had that much chicken in our house, then I wouldn't have to buy it for a LONG time. sigh...I wish we could find good deals like that here, they seem to only come in the summer time. By the way, Tays and Jack are getting so big!

  2. Oh! Apparently I missed the chicken sale in Provo, sad! Must have been a great deal for you to buy that much. I laughed out loud about your "new low" Judge Judy and slimy chicken, pretty miserable if you ask me!!!


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