I need a good napper

I'm discovering that life gets complicated when there are 4 little children at home all day. I may have a good system, a schedule, a plan for the day. But when it comes to life with preschoolers, toddlers, babies, there really is no way of making things run smoothly all the time. Lately the issue is napping. Things just keep going terribly wrong. DAY. AFTER. DAY.

Taylor NEEDS a nap. It is essential to his well being and mine. Taylor does not like to sleep alone, "ders nobuddy wiff me!" he'll cry. If Jack "sleeps" in their room with him, Tays is happy...but neither of them actually sleeps. And to make matters worse, they usually get playing so loudly that they wake up any other brother who is sleeping in a nearby room. I try everything. The only thing that works is for me to sit in their room and demand silence until Taylor is asleep, then Jack and I sneak out, because Jack doesn't really need a nap anyway most days.

But I have 2 other kids to consider. Sometimes Noah and Austin sleep at the same time, but usually too early for Tays to be ready to sleep too. Today I bribed Taylor with a chocolate kiss. He ate it in his bed, hung around in there for about 5 minutes, then came out claiming he'd taken a nap. Sure you did. Then I fell for it again! After sitting on a chair for a while, he said he was ready to go to bed. He said he wanted a candy, and I REALLY wanted him to nap, so anything that might make that actually happen today, I did. I got him all nestled in bed again, gave him another chocolate kiss, and a real kiss, and went downstairs. 3 minutes later, down he came.

And here I am, typing this as they all play behind me. I know it's not the responsible thing to be doing, but it's giving me a little time to muster up the will to give it another go without chocolate. Suggestions, anyone?

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  1. So I have been waiting and waiting for someone to say something...but nothing, so I will tell you what has worked for me. It will be lame for a few weeks but once he sees you're serious he will follow suit. Develop a short little nap routine that you will do every time the start there. When he gets out of bed put him right back in over and over and over. If it is really bad you may want to put him in a pack and play so he can't escape. There will most likely be tears, but I know Ruthie and a whole new person when she naps. Good Luck. Don't give up, because day one will be awful, and day two worse! Call me if you need support.


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