Amen, brother.

It just so happens that I love my life. This morning as I was reading blogs and the boys were eating breakfast, I heard "Okay guys, it's time for the scriptures of the night." I turned to see Jack with his little Book of Mormon open.

He began by saying "and it came to pass," mumbled a bit "Jerusalem" mumble mumble "Lehi" mumble "wilderness...then Lehi said 'I will go.' no then Nephi said 'I will go.'"

I pulled out my camera and got a few pictures.

Jack continued his little sermon as I took this little video (he started really mumbling when he saw he was being filmed):

Then later I heard this conversation:

Jack: okay Taywor, what cuhwor was the fruit?
Jack: Good! Was it yucky?
Tays: no, good.
Jack: Good! Then he looked for his family and said "SARIAH! NEPHI! SAM! come eat this yummy fruit." and they ate it and then he said...mom, what are the bad guys names?
Me:Laman and Lemuel
Jack:He said "LAMAN! LEMUEL!" but they didn't come.

This was his take on what we read as a family last night. It's quite reassuring to hear that something is getting through.

I love that kid. He is always excited for scriptures and family night and he loves that he is the leader of the pack and seems to take his role seriously. The other day he asked if he and Tays could go outside. When he was told that they couldn't go out alone he said "we're not alone. I'll take care of Taywor and he'll take care of me." So cute. And now, as you can see, he's taken it upon himself to look after the spiritual education of his brothers as well. I really love my life.

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  1. I just love that Jack. What a great little leader he is! You are doing all the right things Nat. I love you.


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