Jack: Me and mom and dad are awesome.
Tays: and I'm awesome?
Jack: No. you have to do backflips.
Tays: Noah is awesome?
Jack: Yeah, I can help him.
Tays: and I'm awesome.
Jack:yeah, come on I'll show you
Tays: kay.

They leave their cereal bowls to practice "backflips" (somersaults) Jack pushes Tays' legs over his head and he flops to the ground with a bang. Taylor laughs and laughs.

Tays: I'm awesome!
Jack: yeah, lets go eat our cereal.

as they eat...

Tays: and Austin is awesome?
Jack: yeah, cuz he can scoot and stand on dad's hand.
Tays: and I'm awesome.
Jack: No, but I help you and then you're awesome.
Tays: yeah. I was awesome.

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