a happy visit

Last night Marlee and Mikelle took the bus up to visit us. Kristen is in Europe, gallivanting through beautiful foreign countries for the next 3 weeks. I'm a little jealous of that. But I'm sure I'll go someday.

Marlee and Mikelle are so funny and I love when they come. I love that they live close and that they enjoy taking a break from being social to spend time with me and the boys. Part of me is excited for the day when my sisters have children of their own so we can relate on that level. But, selfishly I like that they have no children to love better than mine. I love that they have the freedom to be in our lives so often and will sorely miss them if (when) life takes them away from me.

Mikelle took the boys to the backyard and played in the leaves with them and Marlee held Austin while I made dinner. My camera was on a weird setting, and I didn't realize that until this morning, ah well. Kevin came home and peeled shrimp and we had pasta with Cajun chicken and shrimp in a cream sauce. So good. After dinner the girls went to pick up a movie and Kev and I got the boys to bed.Taylor insists nightly that I climb in bed with him and we sing twinkle star and ABC's in THAT order. This is also the case for nap time which(thanks to Andy's suggestion that we implement a routine) is going much more smoothly most days. He is a creature who loves routine, and I love that about him. For naps I give Tays 2 candy corns which he puts under his pillow and doesn't eat until he wakes up. He NEVER eats them before he wakes up. Such willpower is astounding to me, but that's just who he is.

Marlee and Mikelle rented "He's just not that into you." We have a clearplay DVD player so we downloaded the filter and watched the clean version. It was a cute movie and we laughed a lot. Awkward at times, but not too uncomfortably so. We don't like Drew Barrymore, but her role was minimal. I wouldn't watch it unedited though...there seemed to be a lot of language. They took the bus home this morning, and life is back to usual.

All morning Jack has been drawing pictures, asking me to label each one.
I think this one was my favorite=)
I just wrote down what he told me to.

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  1. Just thought you should know that Jack's description of that picture made me laugh out loud...several times. I love that kids do those kinds of things, it makes them all the more lovable


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