hey guys, I won!

I was scrolling though google reader while feeding Austin this morning and there's MY picture on cjane's guide to Provo, what the? I won! All this stuff! This happy printthis awesome locketThis beautiful, hand carved serving tray
This SO CUTE headband
And a custom beanie!

Yahoo, it's going to be a great day! It's okay, I'd be jealous of me too.

I called my mom who suggested that Cjane herself selected me because she really wants to be my friend. Yes, I'm sure that's it...Cjane has been blog stalking me for months, and staged this giveaway as a front in order to get closer to me. Thank goodness for her I entered! Imagine I hadn't, what would she have done? Let's not even think about it.


  1. Hey, that's great! Congratulations!

  2. That is so awesome....and that is a really good give away!!!


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