my new hat and a tea party

Last weekend my sisters and I went to the Bijou Market to claim my winnings. It was so fun! Marlee and Mikelle and I were all amazed at the creativity of everyone. I was able to go around and meet all the people who had donated to the giveaway. Everyone was so nice and everything was better than I imagined it would be. We chatted a while with the cute owner of The Blooming Button and I was able to pick out this hat. Well, Marlee picked it out for me...she's more fashion forward than I am so I trust her.

I LOVE it. This hat meant freedom to me yesterday. When Kevin came home the boys wanted to go to the store so Tays could pick out a treat for staying dry. I'd showered earlier, but never found time to blow dry my hair. Some people can pull that off. I am NOT one of those people. My hair goes flat on top and poofy on the bottom with a few random curls here and there.

I'm a little bit vain I guess, as I almost didn't go due to the state of my hair. Then I thought, "hey, I'll just wear my new hat!" I did, and we had a great time.

AND...Kevin kept saying "I really like that had on you." then later "yeah, you just look great in that hat." Kev's nice, but he's not one to pile on the compliments so I know he meant it.

And yesterday I found the boys having an impromptu tea party in the living room on their lego table. Those boys...they do wear pants sometimes.

we moved them to the kitchen and made them cheese toast, as it is a little more appetizing than legos.


  1. Remember how Dad aways loved you in hats? Kevin's right. You do look great. A bit on the thin side, but still great.

  2. 1. I think that hat is awesome and want one just like it because apparently we are hair twins. Flat on top and poofy on bottom. Lovely.

    2. I am so glad I'm a blurker and found your blog :) It's fabulous and I love hearing about your 4 boys -- helps keep my life in perspective!


  3. I love the hat! Always good to have "fashion forward friends" who can encourage those of us that are more "safe" in fashion decisions to venture out.


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