will you be shopping?

Black Friday shopping seems like my worst nightmare. I have a hard enough time with grocery shopping, so you can imagine the level of anxiety I'd reach if I attempted to go out on the craziest shopping day of the year. So many deals, limited numbers, so many people, lines that wind into eternity, pushing, searching, snatching. It makes me sick to even think of it. I imagine if I tried it you might find me in the dog food aisle with glazed eyes and no sense of where I am anymore.

My sister in law Nicole goes with her mom and sisters and they have a ball. I'm really glad she likes it, and she gets awesome deals that always make me wish I had the heart for it. Kevin went one year and ended up buying way more than we needed. He got caught up in the spirit of consumerism. That spirit which drives people to get up at 3am and stand in freezing lines for hours. Like I said, my own personal worst nightmare.

We bought a few things on clearance after Christmas last year for the boys, I picked up a few things at yard sales, all Kevin wants are new dish rags and dress socks (small pleasures? I guess.) I have some homemade ideas for family. And I am honestly more excited for Christmas this year than I have been in years of financial plenty.

But I've gotten ahead of myself. Thanksgiving first, of course. So in the spirit of Thanksgiving let me just say that I am grateful for simplicity this year. Grateful that my boys are young enough to be happy with whatever they are given. Grateful for a husband who is easy to please and for the family we will be surrounded by for these happy holidays. Amen.


  1. My husband calls the day after Thanksgiving sales, "the largest group of women without makeup he has ever seen!"

    I'm with you though, I don't attempt those crowds and have no desire to. However, one year Den and I went to these same stores about 6pm that day and they were nearly vacant of customers, yet the sales were still on. Now that we know that little secret, we've made it a tradition.

  2. I don't usually attempt crowds. Although Michael and I did it while we were pregnant with Grace. We staked out what we wanted a few days early, went in at midnight and got what we needed and then got out. We were done in half an hour and it was fabulous. By the way most of that half hour was wading through the crowds.

  3. I would never even attempt those sales. Mostly, the sales are for electronics and I can't really afford those anyways. I don't have kids and the idea of standing in those lines for ever practically gives me hives.

    I totally get the small christmas thing. I told Sean next year that we will get hugs and kisses from each other for christmas because that is all we will be able to afford while we are trying to find jobs. When we were little we only got two gifts and one was a puzzle and one was something else small, like a Polly Pocket, and I remember being so ridiculously happy.

  4. Also will you email me your address for my christmas card list?

  5. Jill, your comment made me laugh out loud=)


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