the 100 dollar question

Maybe we'll set up the Christmas tree today. I told the boys that it was in the basement and Tays keeps saying "Christmas is in the basement, let's go get it!" Taylor is funny like that. He doesn't get that Christmas is a day, a celebration. Instead he thinks it's lights and a tree, just as he thinks a birthday is a cake. But I have piles of laundry, so that is top priority today. oohh.

On Sunday our "across the street and next house down" neighbors put up an impressive display of Christmas lights. The boys were thrilled by this and last night we found them lined up on the porch, just looking at the lights. (we had been inside browsing through awkwardfamilyphotos.com, laughing and laughing. It took great will power on Kevin's part to tear himself away and find out why we could no longer hear the boys.) Each had a little chair, a pillow, a blanket, and a stuffed animal. Oh, you boys. The lights are nice, but they don't blink or change. You can look at them for a few seconds and sufficiently take in all they have to offer. But they stayed out there for 15 minutes, then came in, each got a book and went back out. Oh, they make me laugh. Jack of course was the mastermind behind it, Taylor and Noah (when cheerful) will go along with anything he wants. I love those kids.

And I hate my camera. It eats batteries for breakfast and I'm all out of double A's. It KILLS me to not get pictures when they do things like that. Not that they won't do it again. They do the same thing when my sisters have come and it's time to say goodbye. They'll lug out chairs and blankets to the porch, sit there like old men, wave and yell "bye!" until the car is out of sight, then lug the chairs and blankets back inside. So cute. I will get a picture someday.

If I had $100 to just spend on myself today, I'd probably buy a charger for the battery for the camera that I bought at a yard sale over the summer and ink for my printer. I know, I know...kind of lame. But if I had them I'm convinced that all my frustrations would fly away...

But if we're just dreaming of frivolous wants,
maybe I'd buy this in scarlet:

or maybe these...
But what I'd love to know is: What would you buy? $100 on anything at all. tell me. link me to pictures. I just feel like dreaming with you today. (but, realistic dreams, not million dollar dreams) Don't let me down.


  1. I want some slouchy suede boots, probably brown. Yum! I like that red jacket, you could totally rock that! Give it your best mirror face!

  2. I would get this cute olive dress.(http://www.shabbyapple.com/p-418-jody-maxman.aspx). I love wearing dresses to teach...it makes an outfit so simple. Fun to dream about bountiful finances...wonderful to live in simplicity.

    And amen to cameras that eat batteries being the pits. Nothing like wanting a picture and coming up short.

  3. The problem I'm having, I'm sorry to say, is that my wishes extend beyond the $100 range. I'd like a new lens for my camera, a new kitchen floor and a Cuisinart--or any one of the above. My more modest needs are all met. (But oh how I'd love to buy you that jacket!)

  4. I want to see a picture of your dream boots, Ky. and yes, you know that if I ever get that jacket, I WILL be doing a lot of mirror facing.

    Ashley, I think shabby apple dresses are beautiful. But yes, it is wonderful to live in simplicity. I love how you write, even when your just leaving a comment=)

    And mom, if you must, you must. Just kidding. I'd love to buy YOU that new kitchen floor.

  5. I have a pair of similar, less expensive boots if you're interested. They have them at Old Navy in gray and black, or they have them in an offwhite (called oatmeal) online. They are nice and warm!


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