a happy day in the life.

I lay in bed this morning with a chubby baby softly talking to me with his eyes closed because he was only half awake, my husband sleeping on the other side of him. I loved that moment. Then Noah woke up and I got him and brought him into our bed with us. He pushed his cold little feet under me to get warm and talked baby talk to Austin, who was grabbing Kevin's nose. And I really wanted a picture. Then Tays came in and climbed on top of everyone. And I loved my life.

Kevin got up and took Taylor and Noah with him to the store because we were clean out of bread, milk, cheese, eggs, and produce. Jack woke up while they were gone and drew me pictures of the letter "s" while I nursed Austin. The boys returned, happily announcing that dad had bought fruit snacks and skittles! (not on the shopping list) And I loved my life because that's the sort of thing my dad did when we were little, he was always a pushover at the grocery store. I loved it that he was and I love that my kids have that too.

And Nadine, my sister in law, called in the middle of it so we could rejoice about our upcoming trip to Washington. And I talked to Mikelle, who is so so cute, about college and dating and my internet hacking abilities and other topics which may embarrass her if I disclose. But we laughed a lot and I loved my life.

And my husband left for work and we had grilled cheese sandwiches and apples for lunch thanks to his early morning grocery run. And he even bought me batteries, so I can take pictures again, because he remembered how much I was dying for them yesterday. And my laundry still isn't done, and my hair never did find a blow-dryer this morning, but my fruit bowl is overflowing and all seems right in the world.


  1. I love days like that!! Nothing like snuggling in bed with your boys! That's so exciting you are making a trip to Washington!! Also the new family photos are BEAUTIFUL!!! What handsome boys you have!!

  2. You know something?...you "get it". You are so young and your boys are just babies really, but you already know the secret of family life, the secret to happiness. Most don't get it til they are grandmas like me.

  3. Jill, I have the very unique benefit of mothering my first 4 as my mom is mothering her last 4. I talk with her daily and she helps me to appreciate this crazy era of my life, to see it from a "grandma" perspective if you will. I feel so lucky to have her, and you. You always say the nicest things!


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