2 minutes of our morning

Because I have a camera again, and I can.
(and because Jack is dying for grandma to see it)


  1. Hi Natalie! Those boys are adorable! I've only met Jack and Taylor... you were pregnant when I met you. That doesn't seem like that long ago, but now you have 2 more! It seems like you keep yourself pretty busy with those cute munchkins. How fun it must be! We would love to see you guys! We will be in Spokane Dec. 31st - Jan 3. How long will you guys be there for?

  2. fyi, I've watched this 3 times straight and he's demanding more. Travis is making me hold him tight with both arms while we watch "the boys". so thanks for sharing!!

  3. I love it! Those boys are just TOOOOO cute! Austin - what a peach! I love that (this - Ty is about the same age) age. It is so great. Ty just learned how to play peek-a-boo. I'll have to figure out how to record it and post it... I'm so techno oblivious. :^) Oh well


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