How does one get through life without sisters?

Tonight I talked with someone who has no sisters. It was just a passing conversation about kids sharing rooms. I said I'd shared a room all growing up, she said she had only brothers. That was all. And of course she's not the only one I know without sisters. Kevin's sister had only 5 brothers. But I keep thinking about what that would be. Maybe having 3 of mine living so close to me lately has made me see the wonderful impact they have on my life, has made me feel that life without them would not be okay.

When I was younger I could list us off in no time flat:
when asked by people who were intrigued by the size of our family. I didn't realize how significant that clump of girlgirlgirlgirl would be in my adult life. Because those girls are my lifelong friends.
We were all dorks together... Thank goodness we overcame that, right?

Kristen is beautiful and talented. She has an amazing voice. I could listen to her sing all day long. She plays the guitar and the violin and can take a fridge full of nothing and create a miracle. She comes over and sings and cooks and cleans. She loves to talk and connect and really wants to know what I think about things. She asks great questions and ponders deep and spiritual things. She is adventurous and loves trying new things and looks great in skinny jeans.

Marlee is brilliant and fashion forward. She is an incredible writer and has a ton of spunk. She has a quick whit and is the most fun when it comes to IMing. She makes me laugh unlike any other. She is just the right amount of irreverent. She loves my boys and they love her. Once when asked who his favorite brother was, Jack said Marlee. When she comes up we watch CSI or Gilmore Girls. She brings her Ipod and we have dance parties.

Mikelle is perfect in so many ways. She is soothing to the soul because she is just so nice and so good. She'll call and want to come up because she misses the boys and we'll spend the day laughing ang talking and playing with them. I adore it when she visits. She is so funny. She is compassionate and considerate and it's fun to tease her. She is an incredible artist and singer, though she is more shy about her talents. She'll babysit my boys and act as though I've done her a favor.

And as Marielle, (who is now 11) grows up, we'll all be here for her. I suspect she'll outshine all of us. She's like the new and improved version of me.And they are mine. All mine. I'll always have them. And I'll be grateful for that everyday.
Kristen, Marlee, Mikelle, and Me


  1. That is so sweet. I wish I had that many sisters and I wish that Lizzy didn't live so far away, but I am afraid that it will always be that way!

  2. The post title is a good question. I value my sisters more than most things in my life.

    That is the only reason I ever wanted a girl...but now I want at least two more, so Flora can have what I have. They are life's blessings!

    I better get busy then...

  3. Being an only child, I am 150% jealous of you. For having sisters, for having sisters close in age to you, and for having brothers too. Never in my life have I wanted to be an only child (not that it was ever in my control- nor was it in Santa's though I did ask every year) and it's only becoming a more pronounced emptyness in my life as I have my own kids. You are so right and blessed to realize what a great treasure they are to you!

  4. oh, nats, you paint such an attractive picture of quirky ol' me. we love your guts. and your children. your children's guts?

  5. Cat, if you lived closer we'd gladly take you in as one of our own.=) I think sometimes family can be a handicap that I fall back on and use as an excuse not to make other friendships more meaningful in my life. I feel like too often I let great friendships fall by the wayside because I have so much family support and I don't know how to nurture those friendships as I should.

    You have already given each of your sons a brother. What a gift! They will have that forever and you can help them see how lucky they are to have each other. But you will also be able to teach them the value of other friendships more effectively than I can with my boys. It's something I struggle with, especially as an adult. But I'm working on it=)

  6. I love all my crazy sisters too (all 7 of them...) but only one lives near me but thankfully, she, too, acts like I'm doing her a favor by letting her change a diaper or babysit. It's awesome. Sisters rock.

    Emme, just move in with me. Done and done.

  7. LOL. Glad you found me (how?). No, it is NOT every day you run into another mom with 4 boys 4 and under. Or 4 kids 4 and under. Or even 4 kids. Most of my friends think I'm nuts, and I'm always glad to know there are a few other 'nuts' out there :) We were definitely meant to be friends, to swap a few stories. I look forward to reading your blog. Although you blog much more than I do! Oh and you are also like a hundred years younger than me. Oh and I have NO sisters. :(

  8. Sisters are great (most of the time)! There are so many things that we forget to be thankful for, so thanks for reminding me of this one.

    Love the pics from your childhood, especially the artsy one of you guys on the lawn. You look like little garden faeries! Little 80's garden faeries! hahaha :)

  9. natalie,

    i know!

    i can't believe i was so lucky! that necklace really is amazing! :)


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