there is something

There is something wonderful about your children discovering the starbursts you left in their stockings last year, and seeing them be just as delighted as you hoped they would be. That was a family tradition we had growing up, leaving one candy for next year. We always forgot about it, then it was such a surprise. A happy stale surprise in the midst of holiday decorating.

There is something magical about lighting up the tree for the first time and having your children squeal with excitement. To have your second little son ask if he can touch a light and be thrilled when the answer is yes.

There is something gratifying about sweeping the floor and having to fill the dustpan 2 times to complete the job.

There is something divine about filling your baby full full full, and having him fall asleep in your arms. To feel the peace of knowing he is well nourished and care free.

There is something sweet about putting a space heater in your son's drafty room, and knowing that he will be warm in the cold of the night. To feel like you are doing all you can to make him comfortable.

There is something real about all of these little moments, something fleeting but lasting. These little brush strokes that are making up the happy picture that is our life. And I know all of this sounds a little sappy. But I can't help it. Yesterday was a good day.

More great little moments from yesterday:
Jack and Taylor unloading all of the decorations onto the shelf in the laundry room
Jack making a nest
Jack decorating the tree
Austin helping me make dinner
who wouldn't be a little sappy after a day like that?

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  1. Cute pictures -- I love the "nest." My kids dump all the cushions on the floor and play in it, calling it their swimming pool. I'm so glad I found your blog and your cute family today.


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