And for the winner:

There are 5 winners. I had high hopes of having enough to surprise you all this morning, but alas, 5 is all I could complete. My boys took turns selecting names out of a cup:


Yay! Please send your shipping address to natalielarson@gmail.com and I'll mail them off as quickly as can be! It's been fun. Andy, I WAS going to make you one for Christmas, so maybe your birthday? And Cat, I'm sure you'll make it look good. And I want to see pictures of everyone, even if they're bad. This is how we bond.



  1. NO WAY!!! This is the FIRST thing I've EVER WON on a giveaway! (Huh...come to think of it...it's the first giveaway I've ever even entered...) Thank you so much, Natalie!

    Um...what am I supposed to do?

  2. Sorry...I was so excited to see my name up there that I didn't read the last paragraph. Thanks again!

  3. Wow! I can't believe it! I have never won anything before. I feel like today is my lucky day! Maybe I'll enter all the give aways that I can today...if I can find some. Thanks!

    Oh, and maybe you should start making them for boys...he sure looks cute with that flower!

  4. I agree, Taylor looks fab ;) I'll have a hard time keeping Travis away from it now that he's seen Taylor in it! I'll try to make myself look worthy, thanks babe!!
    (and 5 winners- wow!! you rock!)

  5. So bummed I didn't check your page until this afternoon! I LOVE the headband (and actually bought materials to make that kind of thing...and still haven't done anything with it).

    Remember that post about showing people up with crafty blog posts? Yeah. (In My Opinion) You've done it. ;)

  6. Oh, hooray! You are TOO sweet! I can't wait! =)

  7. hmmm, I think it was Noah in the picture huh? well either way, your boys are adorable!

  8. Dang, I knew I should have gotten online more this week ;)


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