some highs and a low

High: hanging out with Austy in the morning.

High: an improv mid-morning brunch.

Low: a well-intentioned walk gone terribly wrong.

Oh, so miserable. It was funny how bad it was. They've been hanging on to their coughs and I thought a little exercise would do them all good. Big mistake.


  1. The well-intentioned walk was cute, sad, and funny all at the same time!

  2. That was quite a good lookin brunch!
    And that walk, good thing you turned around and went home :(( Good try though :))

  3. Oh man, gotta love those moments! I can so relate!

  4. I went on a very similar walk on Friday afternoon. I had just gotten a new used stroller that I though I could squeeze all three kids in. Our neighbor across the street came home from work when I was getting the stroller out of the car so I invited her to join us. (She's a grandma and not a member of our church.) As it turns out, I underestimated how cold it was so everyone was freezing and whimpering within minutes. Kase and Ryka resisted riding in the stroller, claiming they wanted to walk. Corbin was so miserable I ended up carrying him and had my neighbor push the double stroller with the heaviest kids, poor lady. She commented that her 15 minutes walking with me should be able to count for her 30 minutes she has to do each day for some program! I've been looking for opportunities to get to know her better (hopefully someday be able to share some of our beliefs) but it was hard to chat amid the relentless wailing of Corbin and the whining of the older kids wondering how much longer til they could go home. It was embarrassing and stressful. When I got home my back hurt from carrying Corbin at a speed walk. Then that evening it started dumping snow for 12 hours straight. Also that evening, Corbin started throwing up. No wonder he was fussing. What was I thinking, taking the kids on a walk? I should check the forecast more often. Good try, though. So often it's the best thing for them in the day, just not always.

  5. dear natalie,
    god mixed up and gave me two of your boys...but I'm keeping them anyway ;)
    Hope the boys feel better soon!

  6. LOL! I love that you thought to brake out the camera! I really did laugh out loud.


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