SO Utah

Today was one of those days. When Kevin called to say he was on his way home I warned him.

"It's been a survival day around here." He knows that means the house is trashed. "Good job surviving," he replied sincerely. "I got nothing done today," I apologized. "I'm just glad you're alive," said the good man.

Today started out alright. I made some boiled eggs for breakfast, but shortly after eating them Taylor started crying that his mouth hurt. He is a toughy in general, so I knew he was really in pain. I'd given him tylenol, but I saw no improvement for over an hour. I couldn't figure out what was hurting him, but after 3 hours of him crying and whimpering I called Kev and told him we needed to get Tays in to the doctor. He said he'd set up an appointment.

I tried checking his throat to see if that was the problem and it looked a little red, but I didn't know what a regular throat should look like, so I called Jack over. I had him open wide and I held his tongue down as I flashed a flashlight into his mouth, just as I had done with Taylor moments before. Jack's gag reflex kicked in and before I could stop it, he threw up all over both of us.

Kev called back and said he'd set up an appointment for 4pm. It was 12:30 when this phone call took place and the thought of Taylor being in pain for that much longer seemed unacceptable. But what could I do? I had some yogurt in the fridge for Austin that Taylor had really wanted the day before, so I offered it to him. He perked up a bit and I fed him bite after bite. When the container was empty he cheerfully announced that he felt better and went off to play. It was really weird, but I'll never look at Kroger yogurt again without a degree of gratitude. He was fine for the rest of the day. But a shorter night sleep and the absence of naps or structure today made for cranky little boys. Come on, February, let's leave the sickness and crankiness behind us.

The night ended up being really good. We went to IKEA and the boys got their faces painted for the first time in their little lives. A woman was making balloon amimals and painting faces up by the food place. It was part of "family night monday" and I thought it was really fun. She said she'd be there again next Monday, in case anyone local is looking for a good time next week.
Taylor as a pirate
Jack with a snake
Noah becoming a tiger
the reason I need a decent camera
I decided I like the people of IKEA. Not the employees, though they are nice too I'm sure. But the other shoppers seemed to all be very friendly tonight, lots of smiles and nice comments. Except for one young girl (probably early 20's, so not that much younger, but miles away from the age I feel) who turned to her boyfriend/husband and said "SO Utah" and tilted her head toward us as I passed with my cart full o' boys. Ha ha ha! I thought it was awesome. Like I've arrived, achieved the title. We are so "Utah." Utah personified. I'm "that mom" if you will. Nice.


  1. That is hilarious! Glad to know you've finally lived up to your states reputation, ha! and yes, you do need a good camera. their cuteness shows through anyway though :)
    I HATE throw up sick days, 'you poor thing' :(

  2. Ha, that is so funny. Not the hard surviving day. About that, today is a survival day for us. Corbin is constipated so he screams in pain when he tries to fill his diaper and Marika has thrown up 5 times since 3 am and it's only 10 am. I'm running my 3rd load of vomit laundry. TMI? sorry. You just know it's bad when you know it's gonna be a survival day before it's really even started!

    Here's the part I thought was funny. We went to Ikea recently for the first time. It's about an hour away towards Washington DC. I went with a girlfriend and her two kids. Our husbands were in school. We had a fabulous time and I became an instant fan. Then at the very end, we were in the check-out line to buy the few little things we let ourselves buy. Two big black guys came up, laughing. One of them put his fist out (you know to do "rocks" or "bust me") and said, "Not be be offensive, but you girls have been BU-SY! Oh, yea, put it here!" I was so turned off, thought it was so rude! Normally I don't mind the comments/reactions I get full of wonder and even disgust for the family we're trying to have. But how dare he! He did it loud enough that other shoppers heard the whole interchange which was even more embarrassing. To top it off, my girlfriend, in an effort to redeem herself a little I guess, quickly pointed out that only two of them were hers. It just made me look like the extreme, out-of-control one. So much for Ikea experiences. I've come to expect one comment like that per visit!

  3. I would take "So Utah" as a compliment too!
    So you never did find out what was wrong with Taylor's mouth? Just hungry? Funny little guy.

  4. What a rude girl! You have a good attitude about it. I am glad that Taylor is feeling better! Yay for yogurt!

  5. You really are SO Utah. I'm kidding, I really don't know what that phrase means.

    PS, I'm glad your son is feeling better!

  6. I'm surprised she said it loud enough for you to hear! Did she MEAN for you to hear it?

  7. Jill, I don't know what it was, he was definitely in pain and I just keep thinking it will come back. I hope not, but something was wrong and I don't really think yogurt cured him for good. Maybe though=)

    Heidi, that sounds awful! Seriously, who thinks that comments like that are okay?

    Elizabeth, I think she meant that I'm one of those crazy Utah moms who is out of control when it comes to child bearing. Yes, yes I am.

    Brynne, I don't know. It wasn't like "snotty in my face, I want you to know I'm judging you" talk. More like just an observation. She didn't say it quietly, but I think maybe she thought she was speaking in secret code so I wouldn't get what she was saying.

  8. Oh, so so sad in many ways. Being thrown up on is pretty awful. And I love how it's "so Utah" to judge people in that way! I've experienced it so many times. Does it really matter how many kids a person has?

    I admire how you take it in stride. And yes, you are "that" mom. :) You know, the kind that loves her kids and would love to invite more into her home. Oh Utah.

  9. How do you make unpleasant stuff- FUNNY??! Puking, unknown throat ailments and pain, being dissed at ikea...all not cool things...but you make it funny! I love your perspective on things miss natalie... a lot.
    Stay utah girlie!


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