a good old day

I enjoyed today. It was one of those days where I sort of slacked off all day then raced the clock to get everything clean and dinner ready before Kev got home. It's always great when that works out for me, but it really is a gamble. Austin wakes up at the wrong time or the other boys decide to work against me, and I've lost for sure. It was a close one today. I put the vacuum away just as I heard the garage door opening, whew! Could life get any more thrilling than that? Seriously. No, not seriously.

And then we all sat down to dinner together. While we were up in Washington we bought 42 bottles of Newman's Own vodka sauce because it was on sale for 43 cents. We should have tried it first or assumed there was a good reason it was on sale. It turns out the reason is that it's kind of sick. It tasted a little like grapes and green olives combined. I tried adding cheese, cream, butter, basil, and oregano. You'd think adding all of those things would automatically make it good, but it was still sick. We ate it anyway. Noah and Tays gobbled it down. Jack only ate a few bites and I sympathized so much I let him just eat lots of garlic bread instead. Kev and I joked about how we'll only get to have it once a week for about a year. It's the second time in over five years that Kev has admitted to not liking dinner. The first was when I made meatloaf for the first time and I didn't think it was that bad. In this case, I totally agree.

For family night the boys each took turns singing songs. They started out as real songs, but by the third round they were just making up words.

It was really cute and Austin loved it.

We wrapped up the night by making these cookies and they were awesome.

All in all I felt like it was a successful start to the new year. May we have many more nights just like this one in 2010. 41 more, at least. yahoo.


  1. Natalie...I love the picture you painted with your first paragraph...I could SO relate....the feeling of needing to complete a crazy obstacle course in just the nick of time! Sometimes it's a hassle, and sometimes it makes you feel like superwoman! Which, with four little ones, you definitely are!

  2. Yay for good days! I totally do the same thing cleaning up right before Quinn comes home...hope you find a good way to prepare that sauce. Great post!


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