want to feel like you're in a movie?

Play this song and dance around in your kitchen with your husband. Let the kids join hands with you as they come in wanting to join the fun (which they inevitably will). Pretend like your a good dancer. Even if you're a complete dork in real life, in this movie you're a good dancer. So even if your husband looks at you funny just go with it. Amuse him.

Do it. It will make you happy.

You'll be looking over your shoulder and be baffled that no one is getting this perfect moment on film. Better yet, have the video camera ready.

As our camcorder was out of batteries, I can only hope my mind will hold on to this memory.

I think it will. And my posterity will probably be grateful it is only recorded in my mind, as that is the only place I might be considered skilled as a dancer.

On a less positive note, I have discovered that one downside to zero television is that my house gets way messier. It makes sense that it would, but it just doesn't seem fair.

oooh! I'm listening to that song again as I type this and I can't help it, I'm dancing around in my computer chair when I should be sleeping. aah. that's enough now.

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  1. I agree, it is not fair that your house is messier with no TV, but makes sense that it would be. I always wanted to raise my sons in a TV free home, but I never did. :(


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