Happy Children's Day!

For Christmas my mom gave my boys Tom Chapin's Moonboat CD.

We listened to this when we were little. Over and over and over again.
As I played for the first time for my boys, I could name which song was next before it started.
After 15 years, I still know all the words to EVERY song.

I love this CD. I love all of his CD's but this one is my favorite.
I love all the songs but #14 is my favorite. I often sing it to the boys at night.
It's just so sweet.

There's a song about Mother's Day. Jack asked if it was Mother's Day today. I told him no. The song describes a father and children making breakfast in bed for their mom because it was mother's day.

After listening Jack came up and said "It's children's day today! Remember, you made us that yummy oatmeal? It's children's day!"

That sounds like pretty good logic to me. Happy Children's Day everyone! I hope it's a great one.


  1. your boys are the sweetest! you are one lucky mama as are they 4 lucky boys :)

  2. I loved Tom Champman as a child, and still remember the words. :)


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