It's a mad mad world

Today Taylor found an egg dying kit I had in the pantry. Apparently he thought the little dye tablets were candy and popped one in his mouth, and Jack followed suit. Jack came to me with blue all over his face and a partially-sucked tablet in his hand. "Taywor thought these were candies," he reported.

Me, not happy about this: "No! It's not a candy, it's DYE!"

Jack's face went from relaxed to shocked, and with eyes widened he said "DIE?!"

Kev and I read his thoughts and laughed and laughed as we explained that he would be fine, it's the other kind of dye. We don't keep death pills in colorful, sticker-filled boxes in the pantry.

Life can be confusing for a four year old. Especially when his Aunt tells him about blood-sucking spiders, her plans to live in the shed behind our house, and, most recently, her plan to marry him when he grows up. Now every time he sees a spider he's convinced it's coming for blood. When he saw Kevin's old tracks in the snow leading to the shed, he wanted to get his shoes on so he could go see Marlee. And today he announced that they were going to be married and he was absolutely convinced of it.

Oh, Marlee. You must stop it. He really believes these things, you understand? We talked for 5 minutes about how he will one day marry someone his age, who is not his aunt but he's sure I'm just misinformed. He told me to talk to you about it, Marlee. "Her said her is going to marry me," he insists. 

The world is confusing enough...no more little lies Marlee.
I mean it=)

Oh, and just so you know: PAAS tablets are made from food-grade ingredients and are non-toxic, whew!


  1. Oh man, siblings are the worst about this! Especially younger, childless ones! My siblings are always trying to teach Leah weird stuff, and of course she trusts them and believes it! Just wait til they have their own kids... ;)

    The dye thing was hilarious! DIE?!? hahaha too funny!

  2. Listen...I'm sorry. But you can feel free to corrupt my children to your heart's content. I love that Jack wants to marry me. I can't help it. We belong together forever.

  3. I just about snorted my soda at work when I read, "We don't keep death pills in colorful, sticker-filled boxes in the pantry." HILARIOUS!

  4. i joined the others...laughed out loud...my husband is seriously starting to wonder about this blogging world of mine ;)

  5. Josh and I were laughing so hard. I wiped tears away. Thanks for the great story! It ranks up there with the one where they mistook the dolls in Santa's pocket as children.


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