Happy 14th!

I've been sick for the last 2 days. I'm convinced it's NOT because I shared that bowl of soup with my sick Noah, but rather because I jinxed myself by saying I hardly ever get sick. Either way, I suppose I brought it on myself.

Fortunately, it hasn't been too bad. My throat is a little sore. It's very sore in the morning but then I gargle salt and baking soda in warm water (an old family trick) and it feels much better. I know that sounds sick, and it is. But it's worth it. Next time you start to feel a sore throat coming on, gargle without delay. The sooner you do it, the more likely you are to avoid the ailment all together. I waited to long, but it's still helpful. I'm a little achey, and coughy. But really, at least I'm not throwing up.

One benefit of this illness is that I sound sexy. As I was reading "Morris the Moose Goes To School" to Jack tonight (he thinks that book is SOOO funny) I was doing the voice of Miss Fine (yes, that's her name) all sultry in my raspy voice. Kev thought it was hilarious and he loved it.

On the phone with my youngest brother Peter (8) last night, I pointed out that we sound the same. He, like Kristen, has a raspy little voice. He made the point that we also share a common problem with our names. When people say Peter they usually pronounce it "Peder", just as they pronounce Natalie as "Nadalie." This has always been a little bothersome to me, so I was glad we could commiserate about it. I think the only person in my life to pronounce it "Natalie" was Mrs. Huish, my first grade teacher who was originally from England. I loved her for it. PeTer and I have made a pact to emphasize the T's in our names when speaking to eachother from now on.

And finally, the only bit of purposeful news in this post...

Today is the 14th birthday of my brother Brian. When I was visiting over the Summer, we took the kids to McDonalds one day. Brian was there and was approached by a pretty girl who knew him from school. As I watched their interaction, I was stunned that my little brother was suddenly this smooth, confident teenager. She was really flirting with him. He wasn't shy or awkward, he was just being himself and she was laughing at every other thing he said. It was very strange to see, but I admit I was really proud of that kid. He's so cute and nice and funny. He'll knock 'em dead at church dances now that he's old enough to go. Weird. Happy Birthday!

My brothers: Seth, Brian, and Eric. My mother is sending me a better picture of Brian tomorrow, but for now I had to steal this from Seth's facebook page. (Love the hat, Eric)


  1. This time of year sickness is inevitable. I'm suuuuure it had nothing to do with the soup... or all the snuggles and kisses. Really, what can you do? Its not like you can quarantine them to their rooms and pass them saltine crackers under the door until they get better. How much longer til spring?!?

  2. I have heard of gargling with salt water, but not with the addition of baking soda. I'll have to try that! I always love knowing about home remedies.


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