My new device

I got something new yesterday.No, not this, though it would come in very handy right about now.

No, I got This!
And I imagine it will prove to be more handy in the long run.
OOooo so PURPLE.

First I got this one:But it's all about being green and conservationalistic and I felt like a hypocrite every time I heard my rain forest ring tone. I love the planet and all, but I'm pretty sure I leave the lights on way too often to be categorized as "green."

So now I've got this sweet blackberry, and it makes me happy, in a purple, guilt-free sort of way.
I feel like I look dorky when I smile in pictures, so I was trying something new.
And as bad as this is, it feels more true to life.

But maybe that's just because it's the look I always give myself in the mirror, so it's just how I picture myself looking.


  1. I have a purple phone too :) It makes me feel so girly in a tomboy sort of way! I've heard everyone refer to their blackberrys as crackberrys so I'm sure it will be insanely useful for you. Nice pic too!

  2. I have a pink phone...and it's way past it's 2 year prime for a new one. I just hate having to learn a new phone...and Michael wants to switch phone people...so we have to wait.

    And your face is awesome!

  3. oooohh...LOVE the purple...my hubs just got an iphone for work and I got his "old" blackberry....but it's not PURPLE!!!!! And your face, looks frighteningly similar to my mirror face....

  4. I love the purple. I love the blackberry.

  5. Hi Natalie,

    I'm a friend to (and old college roommate of) your sister-in-law Andy. I also knew your brother Nick and Kevin in college when they were roommates. I think I may have even met you once or twice.
    Sorry for the randomness, I can't remember how I came across your blog, but lets just say I'm a daily reader now. I'm amazed at how you do with 4 under 4!! My three-year-old and one-year-old keep me on my toes.
    Anyway, your posts are hilarious, and I'm really loving the "Asking Jane" site. Thanks so much for starting that. Your Mom is amazing (really, she needs to write a book--I'd buy it, and her answers are really helping me in my day-to-day life as a mother.


    Caitlin (Nally) Benson

  6. lOvE it. We are just about to renew our plan and I think we'll have the same phone! Only mine is called "smokey purple." Whatever, it is purple! Honestly I was going btwn that and the BB pearl because really I love flip phones, but the color has won me over! (plus I want to be just like you. hehehe ;^)

  7. I like the toilet paper harness! I want a child size for my kids--do you think they make them? New phones are great. I got one in December. I'm tempted to call you and chat, but neither of our kids would appreciate that, I'm sure. Enjoy your phone! Kids r crying, gotta go...


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