okay, can you just stop it?

I was reading a post about a natural birth today and I felt average, yet again. It's just rude of people to do that to me, make me feel like the way I am isn't measuring up.

Other blog topics that make me feel unspectacular:

canning/freezing food
cloth diapering
themed birthday parties
anything hand knitted
vegetarian/organic/vegan diets
skilled photography
running marathons, half marathons, miles, blocks
etsy/online shops
crafty tutorials
homemade baby food
book reviews
babies with good sleep habits
month to month documentation of child's milestones
before and after room photos
multiples (twins, triplets)
furniture reupholstering
children reading before kindergarten
pictures of moms wearing makeup and jewelry
step-by-step recipes
baby girls

I know some of you are feeling guilty and a little awkward right now for making me feel sub par.
Don't beat yourself up about it, you couldn't have known.

But now you know.


  1. Living in Utah generally makes me feel unspectacular. I hate the competitiveness! Although I do a couple of the things on your list (like one or two), I get frustrated after blog-surfing around here. Just remember that you are measuring like 50 different peoples talents collectively against one person, you. I don't think anyone does much more that 2 or 3 of those things singlehandedly. And they are probably lacking in other departments, you know? Happiness is a grateful heart. And read more Seriously So Blessed, and feel better that you aren't TAMN.

  2. Kylie...Oh, I know. People amaze me with all that they do. I actually really love that I have such talented friends who inspire me. You are especially guilty of that. I love my little life, even if I am just pretty average in general. I love in your profile when you say you're pretty much the all-American family "just taller and better looking." ha ha ha! I love it. So true, but hilarious.

  3. You don't give yourself enough credit for all that you do and are. Most of those things aren't that spectacular (except baby girls of course;) compared to qualities you have.

    Remember, your blog header: Four boys under four. I don't know ANYone crazy enough to attempt such a feat and do it so well! That alone would force one to eliminate all of your "list" and more.

    You are a better person and mom because of the things you "choose not to be" and I admire you for that.

  4. Jourdan, You personally are guilty of at least 75% of these=) Evey time I'd get stumped of what else could go on my list, I'd think of you. You amaze me, seriously woman. Thanks so much for the nice comment, I loved it.

  5. And while we're at it, let's add these things to the list:

    Moms of all boys
    Moms of 4 preschoolers
    Moms who try to cut TV out of their lives completely

    See? We all have some talent that could intimidate others. =)

  6. I think a lot of it comes down to priorities. I would like to have a tidy, organized house but I would rather goof around with E/read blogs than spend a lot of time cleaning. *shrug*

  7. Oh gosh I could add a few things to the list. The crafty moms kill me. The ones with the perfect houses or girls with really cute fashion blogs that make me feel like a hobo. There will never be a day that I have an etsy shop, ever. No time and no abilities!

    On natural births...I watched the Business of Giving Birth last night or the title was something like that and I think I went into some kind of shock. I think I am still there this morning.

  8. That made me giggle. One thing you have up on most bloggers out there, though, is that you have correct spelling! I mean, can you imagine how many people would slaughter "reupholstered"?

  9. I like the comment about natural births making you feel sub par! I think it is what women who have natural birth try to do to us women who take the "easy" route of ep-ies. I think they are all about the hype of "I did it now where's my cookie?" Modern day medicine is mostly inspired by our Heavenly Father. If he could have eased the pain of his son while he was in the garden, I am sure he would have (but we all no he couldn't even if there were drugs around). If he could ease the pain of his Earthly Daughters during a most precious time, I know he would. How else did epidurals come about?

    Things on your list I am guilty of and why (hopefully the why will help you to understand that we are not doing it to be better but doing it out of necessity):

    Cloth diapering. I own 6 bumgenius diapers at 100 dollars total. My daughter uses the potty for most pees and almost all poops. I use the elimination communication method. All out of the necessity of being totally broke and doing everything I can to save money so I can stay at home. Not to compete. Most people don't even know I cloth diaper or do EC. Shame on those who make it a competition. They are missing the mark.

    Reading before kindergarten. One day I was surfing the net on how to teach reading and when to teach reading out of the fear that I will not be able to do a well job because I have horrible reading and writing skills. I came across the program "your baby can read." Basically I put on the recommended DVD twice a day (20min, 40min total), incorporate the flash cards and books that came with it during reading time (5min, 15min total) and TA-DA, my baby can read. They program is like 200 bucks. Comes with a great instruction guide and is for ages 3 months to 7 years old. So easy and it hardly involved me at all. Why did I do it? Again, it was out of fear that I would have "slow" children and poverty reasons. I am not able to afford fancy tutors.

    Things make me feel less than par: YOU!! I think you are fantastic. I have never met you and you inspire me! Think of that!

  10. ha! oh I love the list; and yes, I'd like to add having 4 boys under 4 and not just surviving but being an awesome mom and mommy role model, actually remembering to take videos of your kids, and cutting down on tv. (we watched the same Scooby Doo dvd all day yesterday, no really ALL day...sigh)
    And I am also totally jealous of all the moms and ladies who wear makeup and jewlery. Not putting my hair up in a ponytail and making it out of my pjs is a big feat for me; you guys totally suck!

  11. Thanks for the good laugh! Sadly, I'm guilty of having a girl and before and after pictures...but, mind you, it's taken me 27 years to learn how to "remodel" something...just give yourself 2 more years and you'll totally be there!
    And, in reality, I'm jealous of the fact that you can even have children. I was just thinking about that today. I want more children, but apparently my body does not, so remember the abilities that the Lord gave you naturally and then add more unto it. You do a lot of amazing things!

  12. Nat, Having one of those days are you?
    Well, being a nurse and working were I do, all I have to say is that it takes a lot of pure craziness - not guts to have a baby "Natural". Just remember that there are people that feel unspectacular due to having to have a c-section instead of a vaginal delivery. Then there are those of us that feel unspectacular because we can't have any of the 3. The fact is that we are the ones that make us feel unspectacular not them. Usually the things we do that make us feel so unspectacular are the things that make the next person think we walk on water. (don't even get me started on all the other things on your list)..... Just remember, you are a Child of God and know it, that alone makes you spectacular.

  13. Oh, and add "mom to four kids AND has a cute figure" to the list.

  14. oh stop, you guys! Really though, I was totally joking around, I'm not even in a bad mood today! BUT, you all put me into a great mood! All these awesome, interesting, kind, funny, uplifting comments made me so happy and I feel so lucky to have you all in my life, even if you are way better than I am.=) You really are incredible, and if you do have a natural home birth with no one there besides your husband because that's the way you wanted it, you run a marathon, are pregnant with twins, or start a fashion blog, I want to read all about it! I'll be the first to congratulate you.

  15. Ok, Nat...I can MAYBE give myself 4 or 5 of these. But, I have a formula. For every child you have , count 3 points....there. you just kicked my butt. AND...is it possible? It can't be...did this post make me love you even more????

  16. Ok, I had a natural home birth with my second baby. It was awesome and I admit, I felt great about it. But when I read your blog about your adventures with your FOUR little guys, your positive outlook and eloquence makes ME feel average - So THERE! =)

  17. This post made me smile. We all have those things that make us go "Well, why don't you just label yourself 'awesome' while you're at it?"

    And yet I am so competitive.

    While I am guilty of 1 (!) of the above list...most of the others I am with you! (and I don't even have person child-rearing experiences with which to compare)

    More power to you.

  18. You have 4 boys. Trust me, everyone else should feel sub par :)

    PS: I did the no drug birth and all I will say is NEVER AGAIN. Some people (me) apparently need to re-invent the wheel.


  19. geez natalie, you nailed it on this one! i couldn't agree more...as i am very unspectacular in all of those areas TOO!


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