sickness, pigs, and coordination

For the last 48 hours all our resolutions flew out the window. Being up all night with a sick baby means no early to bed, early to rise. It also means no energy to make it through the next day, which in turn means that while the other boys napped, I turned on the TV for Jack so I could sleep. Austin was plastered to me all day, usually to my chest. His little face with droopy eyes and a stuffy nose was so endearing. His nose kept him from enjoying his binkie, so he only found comfort in nursing.

Last night I decided to do whatever it took to get some sleep, so he stayed in with me all night. He ate, then slept, then ate, then slept...this morning it feels like his fever has subsided and he is breathing better. He is getting some much needed rest in bed, which is an improvement over yesterday. He was on my person at all times and I gave myself the day off so I could just focus on making him feel better.

Kevin's parents came over to deliver Christmas presents in the afternoon. We've seen them often since we've been back, but hadn't opened the gifts yet.  When they called, I almost said it wouldn't work out due to the state of my house...very embarrassing. But I said sure and worked like a mad woman (with Austin on my hip) to get things in order before they arrived.

I asked for Jack's help.  He informed me that he couldn't find his CTR ring, so he didn't know how to choose the right, so he couldn't help.  We found it and then he was the greatest little helper.  He got it on Sunday from his primary teacher.  He loves that ring and I love the sweet side of him that it brings out.  I've tried explaining that it isn't the ring that makes him choose the right, but he is convinced it is, so I may need to get a few spares on hand in case he loses his.  We finished cleaning just in time.  The boys were so excited about the gifts and it was great to see Grandma and Grandpa Larson. It was also really nice to have a clean house again.

Kevin left the house at 7:30, came home briefly from 6:30 until 7, and was gone again until 9:15. So yes, it was a long day and we broke all the rules in order to make it through. But we're back on track today and I don't feel guilty about it. It was what we needed to maintain peace and happiness, and it got us through to Friday!

Last night while Kev was gone and all the other boys were supposed to be sleeping, I sat down on the couch, feeding Austin again. I heard little footsteps from upstairs, then a door, then whispering. Soon the voices were on the stairs. "Go to bed" I called.

"But, mom." It was Taylor. He says "but mom" many many times a day. It's never in a whiny voice, just a matter-of-fact "I have some very important point that you may not be aware of" sort of voice. "But, mom," he said again, "we heared a pig sound." Whatever. Taylor and Noah appeared at the bottom of the stairs. "There's no pig, Taylor, time to go to bed." I walked them up and got them tucked back in. "Is there not a pig?" Taylor asked with wide eyes as I was leaving. "No pig. Goodnight." They were asleep in no time.

Later that night I heard a strange sound, a grunting? I tracked it down. A toy was dying just below the stairs and what was normally a cheery little tune was coming out as a low, short snort-like sound every 2 seconds. I recounted the earlier incident to Kev and we both laughed and laughed. Oh, that Tays. I just love him.

My mom just emailed me this picture I took with her camera while we were there. I love it. I just love these boys, especially when they are happy and they color coordinate. Is there anything sweeter?

I miss those woods already.  That wood shed that is the perfect color of faded red.  I hope they never paint it.


  1. What a gorgeous picture! You are so blessed to have four such beautiful boys!

    The noise of the pig made me laugh. One night Mark was home alone and from downstairs he heard a very strange noise. He was very spooked by it and cautiously went upstairs not knowing what he would find. It turned out to be Ben's Bob the Builder workbench with dying batteries. He had even recorded it on his iphone as he was so freaked out by it!!!

  2. Haha! He really did hear a pig! Too cute!

    New Years resolutions don't count when you are sick!!! Feel better Austin!

  3. I love your daily re-caps! Glad Austin is feeling better. There are few things that are as physically and emotionally draining as a sick baby.

  4. Laughed my tail off. Those darn dying toys. Toys where they aren't supposed to be are also trouble. I tripped on one bringing Ty back to bed the other night. The house is quite and restful. Ty is ready to be put back into his bed when "A-B-C-D-E-F-G nananana music blaring. Ahh?! What-the... oh...
    Hope littest man feels 100% soon. My kids were both sick the whole 2 weeks we were on vacation. Of course. But gratefully are doing much better. Although they've caught the winter time perpetual runny nose... hummmm

  5. First of all...great pic of your boys...you are a woman after my own heart, "color coordinated and happy," You nailed it!!!! Good job on nursing (literally, right?) your little man back to health too! Hope healthier days are in store. And the TV thing...is an inspiration to me! I'm not there yet, but it has definitely motivated me to make it more of a last resort instead of a regular standby activity! Hugs to you!!!!

  6. You can't tell stories like that about Taylor right now. I'm missing him too much already. I can just picture him--worried about you downstairs alone with that pig. Too cute! Get back here.

  7. I'm not sure which aspect of your post to highlight first as something I can totally relate to! Once again, I felt like I was reading my life while reading about yours. I have had the identical feelings when I've received moments notice of a visit from my in-laws. I have times when I'd be embarrassed no matter who swung by, but for some reason, it's even worse when it's your husband's family. Even if the added pressure doesn't come from them, it comes from me, and it's still very real.

    I liked Jack's CTR ring connection to his behavior. Kase hasn't been issued one yet, but maybe I should go ahead and get him one so we can have a magical obedience tool! (We need something like that!)

    Sorry your baby's been sick. You are lucky you are a nursing mom. Those are special (if exhausting) times. I miss it. I'm really jealous that you have a baby. I want another...

    Have a really good day whenever you read this comment. And don't beat yourself up about the details of your resolutions. They are meant to improve your life and as long as they are doing that on a general level, they are still worthwhile! That's my hope, anyway!


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