Ah, dad.

Today is my dad's birthday. I've sat here trying to write a tribute, and there's just too much to be said. I start, and then suddenly I'm delving too deep, sobbing and writing a novel about how much I love the man and all the ways he's been there for me through the years.
(dad, marlee, kristen,me, mikelle, nick and eric)

Does every girl feel like that about her dad?

I love you dad. So much. Happy Birthday!


  1. I'm with you on the Dad thing.

    But more urgently, we need to discuss the matching polka-dotted jumpers you and Kristen are sporting. Dying.

  2. Natalie, I've been curious how the order actually goes in your family. In a former post, you mentioned the order of boys and girls, but what about names and how many years apart?

  3. Here's the order and current age of everyone:

    Nick - 29
    Eric - 27
    Me - 26
    Kristen - 24
    Marlee - 21
    Mikelle - 19
    Taylor - he would be 17, but he died at age 3
    Seth - 15
    Brian - 14
    Marielle - 11
    Peter - 8

  4. Wow, you are the oldest girl! I've often heard that is basically like being the oldest child.

  5. Did you remember that my husband is the oldest of 11 kids, 6 boys and 5 girls? He's 27 and the youngest is 8. Just another eerie thing we have in common. I should stop calling it eerie. It's exciting! Sometimes kind of weirdly funny too.

    I feel like that about my dad, too. I don't know a fault in him. And gratitude is always a big part of what I feel in my heart when I talk to him, think about him or write to him. As the oldest girl (which we both are in our families) there is something about the comfort of your dad, especially when entering new phases like starting to date, going off to college, getting married, etc.

    Love the jumpers. That's a really cute picture. And don't you miss the really cool playground stuff we had growing up that have become obsolete because of safety issues? Miss it.

    I'm glad you post everyday. I look forward to it daily.

  6. This is really, really sweet Natalie...I hope your Dad read it! The picture is also really cool...it gives off such a warm, child-like, wonder-ish feel. Hope that makes sense :)


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