the nap that didn't happen

Today I woke up tired and decided early that I wanted a nap really badly. I don't often get one. Coordinating 4 boys' nap schedules is about as difficult as you would imagine it to be. But it became clear as the morning progressed that they all needed one today and so I started planning my day around this great nap that we would all take.

operation nap: the wear out

I pulled out all the stops and let them ride their bikes inside. We have a pretty large area of hard flooring and they made great use of it. They rode their little hearts out. All the while I was thinking about how tired they must be getting and after 2 hours, they did all seem pretty exhausted. check.

operation nap: the fill up

I made a hearty lunch, gave them all whole milk and encouraged them to eat, eat, eat. I spoon fed them more after they said they were done, filled them to the brim. check.

operation nap: the put down

All morning I talked about how we would all take a nap after lunch. I told them where they would each be sleeping (they don't do well in the same room during nap time). Jack would be in my bed, Taylor would be on the couch in Austin's room, Noah would be in his bed, and Austin would be in the pack n' play. As they finished lunch I didn't give them time to start playing, we just marched right up to our designated spots. This went more smoothly than I hoped it would, those good little boys. check.

operation nap: the fall through

When the older 3 were all settled in their little sleeping places, I came downstairs with plans of nursing Austin to sleep and going to sleep myself. Austin, who had taken a 20 minute nap earlier, wouldn't have it. He ate a little, and then just wanted to play. He'd seem content and occupied and I'd start to drift off, but suddenly he'd be right there in my face, whacking it and smiling. It went something like this: Austin, you are naughty. You thwarted all my plans today with that cheery attitude of yours and I wanted to be mad about that, but you just wouldn't let me. I gave you my meanest faces and you just kept thinking I was trying to be funny. I wasn't, and then I was because you are amazingly sweet, even when you're messing up my whole day. You stink, but I love you. Mom


  1. Well it was a great try :)) Too bad Austin had other plans. So did the other 3 go to sleep? Hopefully not since plan B was probably for them all to go to bed early tonight. :)

  2. That is too cute. And very funny how you planned the whole thing out! Love it.

  3. I really like your stories, Natalie :) . I think I'll end up being a better mom when the time comes, just by reading your blog through the months and hopefully years!

  4. ahahaha! my little stinker is currently refusing his afternoon nap as we speak. i feel your pain sista! love your attitude though :)

  5. I have so been there...but I only had one little boy to contend with! Your honesty is very refreshing :)

  6. Oh no, did the other ones sleep!?! I am impressed with the plan though!!!

  7. They DID sleep, that's what made it so frustrating. Austin was the one weak link!


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