could anything make me happier?

On Saturday we were able to get together with
Christina from Hand's Full Photos and she took
Austin's 1 year pictures!

I wasn't planning on being in any pictures (thus, the lack of makeup and well, even a shower)
but I'm glad she took a few anyway.

She was also kind enough to take pictures of my other boys...wonderful, magical pictures of all my boys.

She captured them all so well, and I am just so thrilled! 
All my boys
I am in LOVE with this one: 
Thank you again, Christina!  You are amazing.
I highly recommend her if you're in the area...As you can tell, she does a wonderful job!


  1. What great pictures and handsome boys. Bye the way thanks for the cookies. They were a hit and we gobbled them right up.

  2. No make up? Are you kidding?? You look great. I can see how you would love these pictures. Such handsome little guys. You must just look at these pictures and feel so blessed.

  3. Those are such great pics! They all look so so cute and loveable. You should put them up in your house so you can be inspired and carried through the hairy moments of motherhood.

  4. It was fun to spend time with you and have such adorable models! I'm glad you like the photos.

  5. My favorite is the last one, too!

  6. Oh my land Natalie! They are so great! That last one is so very precious...frame it!!!!!

  7. I found your blog listed on someone else's. You have a beautiful family. I am encouraged to see a mom with 4 little boys so close in age and you're still smiling. I know it's not easy but with God's help we can do this. :-D


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