oh, Barbie.

I got the ties from thematchingtieguy.com and I am SO excited to have my boys wear them! Will I really be able to wait until Easter? I'm not a patient girl, and they are HERE, taunting me. I suppose Sunday will be the first real test of my will power. But I'd have to get all of their white shirts together and ironed, so that may be enough of a deterrent for now. But, they really are so cute, even just laying in the drawer...imagine them on my boys. OH=)

{The picture in my head}Ironing is sounding less difficult. resolve is waning...

Today in a matter of 3 minutes my boys broke my pitcher and my electric skillet. What was it I was saying the other day about coming out of the hardest phase of motherhood? Yeah. maybe not.

Kevin passed his first of 4 tests toward getting his CFP. Hooray! We celebrated by getting sandwiches. I like that man. He's smart and funny. I'm really glad I'm his wife.

And in conclusion: Am I the only one grossed out by this commercial?

Really. I always wonder about the singers in commercials like this. Can you ever hold your head high as a singer, knowing that your "big break" was a barbie puppy potty training jingle involving these lyrics? I really can't see how you could.


  1. Oh I hope you share their Easter pictures with us all. But with conference that week, will you even be going to church??

    That video was too much!

  2. Noah looks so GQ in his picture. I love it! I think that would be enough motivation to get me ironing. But I don't do the ironing in this house, my wonderful husband does. So he would have to be motivated for me. :)

    And I laughed pretty hard at the commercial. Thanks for sharing the awesomeness!

  3. Uh, that was freaky. Especially the last line..."Bahbie guuuuuhhhhhl!"

    I say iron the shirts and have them wear the ties. Definitely. Like Jill said, Conference Weekend is also Easter weekend!

  4. I love the picture of your boys! So cute! My boys looked at them and thought it was so funny. Especially that Austins head was bigger than Jack and Taylors. Love it!

  5. Oh my word! What a commercial (and totally weird idea for a toy)!

    I have no willpower for holding back cute outfits. I'd totally let them wear them on Sunday.

    Thanks for letting me get some fun photos today -- I'm editing them now and will get a few posted later tonight.

  6. Yeah that Barbie commercial makes me very very glad that I have boys... Love the ties too!

  7. 人生的價值以及他的快樂,都在於他有能力看重自己的生存........................................


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