My hair pictures

The worse ones:
(a selected few of the MANY)

hi. do I show my teeth, or not? ehhh....not. click.

Mmm hmm, that's right. Can I get more self aware?

Oh, yes. very genuine.

maybe if I just pretend I'm not thinking about the camera...

Oh. I know what I need:
Add an Austin. Genuine (at least more genuine) smiles guaranteed.

Now you know why I have kids.

because I look like a dork when I'm alone.


  1. Love it. You look great! Way to show other moms how to do it!

  2. Haha, I hate taking pictures of myself! Its amazing how much more relaxed you look with Austin in the picture!

    I think its adorable!

  3. You look great in all of them. Cute haircut!

  4. You are very cute!!!!!!!!!!

  5. you make me laugh...and you're gorgeous.

  6. Wow - I saw your mom, Mikelle and Nick in those pictures - no denying you're a Nelson!!

  7. I forgot to tell you at church that I liked your hair. But I like your hair!


    I love your hair, too. :)

  9. I think you have a really cute smile. I remember when you first became my visiting teacher (that was it, right? Or was I yours? I just remember it had something to do with visiting teaching...). Even before I knew that many people in the ward, I thought your smile was welcoming and warm.

    It's always weird to take pictures of yourself. I'm always my worst critic when it comes to pictures of myself. Maybe that's why I don't post many of me on my blog. :)

    Love the haircut! Really!


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