our makeshift holiday

Today we braved the grocery store. Diapers were cheap and even though my van battery was dead so I was later than I planned, Nicole (my sister in law) was kind enough to grab some for me. Kashi cereals were $1/box, so I bought 10 or so, though I'm now wishing I'd bought more.

Just as we finished checking out, they wheeled out a clearance cart full of nylons, socks, and underwear...so I had to go through the line, yet again. The boys were alright. Austin was strapped in, Jack and Taylor stayed pretty close, but as I checked out for the second time, Noah couldn't resist the big basket of balls in the middle of the main aisle. He was within eyeshot and earshot of me, but he wouldn't come. I told Jack to just go be with him, as I couldn't leave mid-transaction.

Can I just say, Jack is really so good. Taylor too. Taylor is especially good in public. I think he is intimidated by strangers and new places, so he stays close and quiet. Jack is not afraid, but he still listens so well most of the time. He went over and took the ball from Noah, put it back, then tried to persuade Noah to join me. Noah was NOT happy about any of this, so Jack gave him back the ball and let him play until I was done. I'm not sure what I'd do without that kid.

Finally done, we found ourselves right next to a park on a warm day. It was past lunch time but the boys insisted that they would rather wait, so I opened a box of the cereal and we all enjoyed the fresh air. There was a group of children there who all had green hair spray in their hair. On the way home, Jack asked "how do some people have green hair?" I told him that they just sprayed it on for the day, and he really wanted green hair too.
I feel bad. We left the house so quickly that I just threw clothes on my boys, not even considering the color. We were the only non-festive family at the park. We sat there eating Kashi cereal in our plain old clothes and I wondered if people who didn't know better might peg us for the sort of family who only eats wholesome foods and doesn't believe in celebrating holidays. If only conviction were the reason for our lack of green and our "picnic" menu, rather than poor planning on my part...
But, we came home and 2 wonderful friends brought us treats:

Do I deserve such cute friends?

So we had a little St Patrick's Day celebration after all. I bought a huge roll of that green ribbon at DI, so every time I have a good (or not so good) excuse to use it, I whip it out. These were their leprechaun crowns:

I'm aware of how dorky they look.

(though of course they aren't, thank goodness)

but you can't tell me that they don't make you smile.

PS. does the spacing on blogger go all crazy on anyone else from time to time? It drives me nuts!


  1. Made me laugh when I read, how people would think you were 'the sort of family who only eats wholesome foods and doesn't believe in celebrating holidays.' Here I was thinking...what a great idea, an impromptu picnic!

  2. I am often aware of how dorky my child looks. And usually it's because she doesn't know any better and she chose her outfit or she chose her shoes. Sometimes it's gold ballet flats with an outfit that totally doesn't go...but whatever. Yesterday it was a pair of sandals on a semi-cold day with a huge furry orange coat. Whatever. They get away with it because they are young! You learn to roll with it and to encourage it at times, right?

  3. Yes, the spacing goes crazy for me, too. Those shamrock pretzels are very, very cute. Don't worry about no green. I got pinched yesterady. I just plain forgot. I'm sure the party is what the boys will remember! I also laughed when you described the non-holiday, non-junk food stereotype. Hee hee.

  4. Those treats are too cute for words.

    And yes, the spacing on blogger messes up for me sometimes too. Usually hitting "shift" while returning does the trick.

  5. really...they DID make me smile...can't imagine a better use for the green ribbon. And those pretzel clovers??? So cute!!!


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