hem. haw.

I want to post a picture of my haircut, but I can never get it cute enough to feel motivated to take a picture. Does this mean it's not a great haircut? Maybe. Or maybe I'm just vain. Or...Maybe I just need better products. Anyone have some hair junk that you love? Let me know.

Kristen made homemade pudding on Sunday night. Taylor left his bowl unattended. Austin found it on Monday morning.

We have a new little neighbor named Ella and yesterday I searched all over for Jack only to find him outside, heading to her house. I called him back and noticed a lego in his hand. I asked what he was doing. He responded "I wanted to bring this to Ella. We have so many legos, and I love her so much." She is really cute.

Last night we went for a walk on the new little trail behind our neighborhood. It was a bit chilly, but it filled my mind with dreams of the many summer days ahead. Kevin pushing the stroller, me with a boys hand in each of mine. Mmm. I refuse to think of snow in the near future. I refuse.

This frosting looks really good. Cupcakes today? Who's in?
Last night I fell asleep on the couch at 8. Maybe it was all that sun we took in. Kev just let me sleep, then carried me up to bed at 11. We have a long flight of stairs, so that's not an easy task. And I slept until 7:30. (with one brief waking with Austy at 5). I feel great today. Thanks, love.

This morning the weather is beautiful. I began weeding our flower bed while the boys rode bikes, but they were soon in the dirt with me. We found many, many worms, 2 slugs, and 1 snail. It was wonderful. Jack called out suddenly "I found a turtle, but it's DEAD!" I rushed over to find him holding half of a walnut shell. =)Oh my Jacket...Once I assured him that it was merely part of a nut, he smashed it to bits with a rock. I like boys, I just do.

And in conclusion, great news for you! Jill is giving away another blog makeover! You should go here to enter. If you win, our blogs could be sisters! And what in this world is better than a sister?


  1. I love the story about Ella. How sweet.

    Since I am cheap I only do Target for hair products, but I love the mousse from Herbal Essences. I don't like their other stuff though, ie, shampoos and conditioners. Aveda is hands down the best products and makes my hair feel like a million bucks but alas I am trying to save $$.

    I think you should make the frosting and I wish I lived close so I could come over and eat some!

  2. Since I have almost the worst possible hair, I can only use expensive stuff. I have learned to stock up when it's on sale, or ask Michael's cousin to buy it for me 40% off since she works for Aveda. Probably not what you were looking for...but hey, it is what it is.

    And I love when kids love each other. So sweet.

  3. 1. Buy Tresemme. It's cheap, but really good.
    2. That is so cute Jack is in love.
    3. Walking trails are the BEST.
    4. Austin looks so cute covered with pudding and an undone onesie.
    5. Cupcakes are seriously one of my favorite desserts. Frosting? Yes, please!
    6. I also love the mindframe of little boys. Dead turtles, pulverizing things, discovering the world. You DO have a great life, Natalie!

  4. I was kind of jealous when I saw you out working in the yard with your boys today. My day was jam packed and I wanted to play in the sun. I am totally making that frosting tomorrow. It's Izzy's birthday and she wants cupcakes and I saw the frosting on another blog this morning and am ready to whip it up. Can't wait!

  5. Being outside is so wonderful, today is supposed to be nice too, and then back to yucky weather for a week. Oh well, spring IS coming! Eventually.

    I love your stories, Jack and the lego is adorable.

    I use Redkin products. I have seriously tried EVERY cheap product imaginable, and everything leaves my hair with yucky buildup. I buy it for an awesome price at Ulta. They do a liter sale a few times a year, and the liters are $13 each, and they last me almost a year. When you use nice stuff, you don't have to use as much. I use their Smooth Down shampoo/conditioner, and use a tiny bit of the Butter Treat deep conditioner as a leave-in. Yes, my hair is that dry/poufy. Styling products are different, I just use Aussie hairspray. I used to like Swarzkopf spray wax when my hair was short and I needed it to look piecey.

    Well that was a hair novel. Can Leah and I come play with you and the boys next week? I need some private tutoring on the your parenting approach. I learned so much from you last time, I am hungry for more ideas. I'll email you about a specific morning. I'm thinking Wednesday?

  6. that is so sweet of Jack! so cute!
    I have no help for you on hair product. obviously I need my own hair intervention ;)
    I entered the contest! our blogs are totally sisters- I can feel it! j/k!

    ps- Travis keeps asking me to turn the fish on...so I dutifully pull up your blog and scroll to the bottom for him and let him have at the mouse :)


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