nightly reminder

I loved bedtime tonight. We had gone for a LONG walk on our new little walking trail tonight. The weather was just warmer than brisk. Our friends had the same idea and we met up with them on the trail. The company was good, the weather was nice, the boys were good sports. But I think we went 2 miles and by the time we got home, they were beat.

Is there anything better than bedtime when kids are just so ready to put their heads on their pillows and drift off? My boys were particularly darling, softly remembering the days goings on. We did have a good day. Our cousins came over to play, the sun was shining, we discovered a snail shell (but it was empty), we had cereal straws from Grandma Larson to enjoy, we got to ride on Ethan's bike, we had french fries. All these highlights came back to their minds as we reflected on our happy day together.

This is a tradition with us, reviewing the day, talking mostly about the good, touching briefly on things we might try to do better sometimes. It is one way that I have found to connect with each of my boys one on one for a minute or two each night. I lay in bed with them or sit by Noah's bed and we just reflect together. Tonight after we (he) talked about all the good, I said to Jack, "you did whine a lot." (he DID whine a LOT) "Yeah," he said. "And when the sun comes up I won't whine any more today."

I hope he means tomorrow. I think he does.

As I kneel down to pray I think about my Heavenly Father, listening to me reflect on the day, reminding me of things to do better. This reminds me of the kind of parent I want to be, the steward that I am, and fills me with a renewed love for my boys. As I put my own head on my pillow, I think about their eyes, their struggles, their excitement, their kisses. And even if it's only been an hour since we said goodnight to each other, inevitably my arms ache to hold them again and smell their hair, and feel their hands. Even if we've had a long day. Sometimes, just when I'm thinking about it, I will hear one of them cry for me,

and it's like an answer to prayer.


  1. I really, really loved this Natalie. You are such an inspirational mama!

  2. What a beautiful post! We talk about the day with Leah right after prayers. It started off as just us re-capping to her what we did that day, but now she chimes in with the things she remembers. I think its a great way to remember your blessings.

  3. What a sweet post this was! I REALLY really love reading your blog. I love reading all your thoughts, and your such a cute Mom. Thanks for sharing!

  4. That is one of the sweetest things I have ever read, and I'm not using that hyperbole lightly.

  5. Natalie - what beautifully captured setiments! Thank you!

    It was delightful to read your comments these past two days on my blog and to spend a little time tonight browsing yours.

    Your boys are as darling as can be! And you are the kind of mother I hope to emulate!

    I look forward to getting better aquainted!

  6. that is so sweet! we have started to recount our day at the dinner table for Daddy and it's so neat to see what T remembers and what he thought was fun. I feel the same way at night as I lay myself down to bed :) being a mom is the best gift ever!


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