happy birthday brynn!

Sorry this is a day late, but we mean it.

I couldn't decide which I liked better...they each have their strengths=)

happy birthday brynn! I'm so glad to know you.


  1. Great idea! I might just have to steal this idea someday. Your friend will love it!

  2. Oh my gosh...I am so excited and flattered! Yay! Hooray! THANK YOU, NATALIE!!!

    - Brynn

  3. Ummm...may favorite is Taylor yelling it. What a kid.

  4. Oh no! I think I got Jack and Taylor mixed up. It's easy to tell in picture, I guess, but "in action" takes some more familiarity, I suppose. Sorry! And this is my last comment for this post. I promise. I love it. I love that they sang to me. You're the best. Now I'm done.


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