April Fools'

Happy April Fools' Day! Are you doing anything fun?

Every April Fools' Day I think of that year of my childhood. My dad traveled quite a lot when we were younger, flying to this conference or that meeting. Often we'd all go along to get him to and from the airport. One year it just so happened that he was returning from a trip on April first. My mom decided to do something spectacular to celebrate April Fools' Day this year. We'd done the glasses with fake noses one year, and I guess it was time to take things to another level.

She dyed all of our hair red. Not hers, or the baby's, but the rest of us. Nick, Eric, Me, Kristen, and Marlee. Ages 11, 9, 8, 6, and 3. She got a wash out dye that would come out in 3 washes. I vividly remember jumping on the trampoline with a grocery bag on my head as I waited for the color to take. And did it ever take! We were all blonde so the change was not a subtle one. It was very exciting and we couldn't wait to see the look on dad's face.

I remeber walking through the airport on the way to dad's gate. This blonde little mother surrounded by five little red heads. As we went through security we got a lot of nice compliments on our lovely hair. The first couple of times my mom started explaining the joke, but after a few weird looks and as the comments kept coming she just started saying thank you. We all got a big kick out of the woman who said "oh, your husband must be a red head!" nope.

I remember my dad coming off the plane and looking around for us. Per my mom's instruction, we all remained quiet until he saw us. He looked past us, then suddenly looked back. He exclaimed "No!" and we all started laughing. He looked stunned and then he laughed too. Oh what a fine joke it was.

Turns out though, three washes did nothing. We were red heads for a good three months before it finally faded. Oh well, we were homeschooled anyway, exept Nick, who had registration for Jr. High the following night. He washed his hair 30 times, and nothing. My mom went to the beauty supply store and bought a product called "red-out" which only managed to take the brown out and left Nick with hair that was almost pink. Poor kid.

Looking back on it as a mother myself, I love that she did that. It really was so fun for all of us (except maybe Nick...sorry Nick). I like that she made a crazy spontanious decision and went with it. I'm sure many people shook their heads at it, but oh well. It really is one of the highlights of my childhood.

Now. How do I top that?


  1. Oh I'm cringing thinking of you cute little blondies with red hair for months! I am scared to even try the koolaid dyes, for fear that I would ruin my color. You just never know what will happen with blond!

    But what a fun memory!

  2. The only thing she forgot to do was take a picture! I would love to see that!!! What a great memory for all of you, even Nick. He's probably recovered by now, right? :)

  3. That is a great story! Your mom is awesome.

  4. What a great story! How funny the red didn't wash out.

  5. LOVE it...sounds like something my mom would have done as we were growing up. I was glancing at your mom's blog. 11 kids...she is amazing!

  6. Wow! Jane takes the cake on that one :)


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