Happy Easter!

This morning I did something highly uncharacteristic of me. I made cake pops. You know, like these:

Cake pops are the sort of thing moms who are on the ball make for holidays or special occasions. I am never on the ball. ever.

And because that is the case, in a strange twist of fate these cake pops came into being.

It all started on Sunday, when I wanted to make cupcakes with the boys. But I was trying to do too much in the time I had allotted myself (as usual). I mixed the cake, then when I couldn't immediately find the cupcake papers, I moved on to something else. Before we left for church I hurriedly covered the bowl and put it in the fridge.

And that was the last I thought of it for 3 days.

Then I pulled the batter out on Wednesday (because how long can you really keep uncooked cake batter?), abandoned the idea of cupcakes, dumped it into a cake pan and (over)baked it. I pulled it out, covered it, and never found time to make the frosting I had intended to make.

So yesterday when I was browsing blogs and came across these little lovies, glanced at my still frosting-less, overdone cake and I thought:


My friend Amy came over and helped me this morning, TA DA!

Happy Easter one and all! I know they're nothing impressive, but they were really fun to make, especially with good company.

What? You haven't made your cake pops yet? Aw, sorry you're not more on the ball. Better planning next holiday, right? =)

{Also. (Because I just got off the phone with Mikelle and it is on my mind.) Do you have people in your life who repeatedly call you by a nickname that you can't stand? My sisters are in the habit of calling me NATSY?! I hate it. But they will not stop. They mean to stop, but they just don't. They say sorry and all, but it's been over a year! It's pretty much the worst nickname ever. It's like a combination of NASTY and NAZI. not okay, guys. NOT okay. }


  1. I totally laughed out loud at your NASTY and NAZI grumble! So funny. Way to go for being on the ball, Natsy!

  2. My sister and I used to lovingly call eachother buttface for years. No meanness at all, we said it exactly like we would say our names. "Hey buttface, want to go to Target with me?" It drove my mom crazy!

    I haven't ever made cakeballs, bc I am not with-it enough. But yours came about in a very Natalie way. Old cake batter and a neglected frosting-less cake, I love it. We can still be friends.

    I had to laugh at you "What? You haven't made your cakeballs yet?" comment. Very SSB. Ugh, what is with all the holiday competitiveness!?!

  3. Those turned out so cute....LOVE the little Easter faces. I made some back in December for my 2nd son's birthday. Those things are too dang yummy:) Have a wonderful, Easter.

  4. very, very impressed miss natalie. look at you going all crafty and creative!

  5. What do I think? I think I'm your creepy neighbor that found your blog through Britt :)

    Seriously, do you care that I put you in my blog roll?

    I'm even unashamed to invite you to read mine...but I need your email address to do it.

    Will you email me your email address and I'll send you an invite? schmugal@gmail.com

    How's that for trying to stay connected?

    ♥ Rachel


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