the weekend report

I loved this weekend. It was full of family and inspiration. General Conference (a semi-annual church broadcast) was so uplifting to watch, and the timing of it was perfect for me. Talk after talk written just for me. I feel like there is so much I have to learn and for the first time in my life I really can't wait to get the Ensign so I can soak it all in slowly.

Growing up, we always celebrated Easter in the worldly bunny sense the Saturday after Easter (or later). This served two purposes. 1. we could focus solely on the spiritual meaning of the holiday on Easter Sunday without commercializing it, and 2. Easter candy is half off or more after Easter and my parents could go all out for our Easter egg hunt. I like that and we've decided to do the same. We did make these Easter rolls yesterday, though I used canned biscuits, and only one of them turned out to look like and empty tomb in the end...but they were still really good and the boys enjoyed the hands on lesson.

We may go up to Washington this weekend. The weather will be better if we wait a week, but can I really wait a week? We'd do the Easter egg hunt in the woods with my family and start planning Mikelle's reception. It's a long drive for a short trip, but always worth it anyway. Washington is calling to my soul, as it always does in the spring. And my boys are very excited to see (as Jack puts it) "Grama Jane, Granpa (grandpa who?) The grampa that is at grama jane's house, Peter, Seffy, Brian, and Marielle. Does her have four kids too?"

He's getting smarter, that little Jack.

Taylor's fish died on Saturday. When I told him, he came running over, looked at Swimmily laying lifeless on the counter and said "but but but but but his eyes are still open." So cute. He wasn't too crushed about it, liked the idea of flushing him down the toilet, and is very content to take over ownership of "Brown" who was previously Austin's. Austin generously relinquished all rights.

Noah calls Taylor "Haywer" and I love it.

Austin already throws tantrums.

And now Jack is informing me that I am taking too long.


  1. I love that Saturday-after-Easter idea. We're going to have to adopt that one.

    Sorry about the fish.

  2. Hey Natalie, remember me from a summer at the Colony (years ago). I just happened to come across your blog when I was reading HandsFull. Your boys are so cute! Are they all a year apart?

  3. P.S. our blog is richandcourtney.blogspot.com

  4. Your mother is so smart, even back when you were younger. What a great idea of celebrating the bunny part a week or so after!

    You might want to take a look at an old blog post of mine about a fish funeral. I just love it:

    Or rather than type all that in, maybe you could just do a search on my blog for Fish Funeral.

    Too bad about Swimmily. :(

  5. The idea of celebrating it with candy and all that the following weekend really is brilliant.

    That was too cute by the way that Austin was willing to share his fish. ;)

  6. hmmmm, I live about 20 minutes from Lynden, WA....anywhere close??? And the fish story? That was beautifully told.

  7. I am so happy you remember me. We just moved to Lehi the end of Feb. My hubbie graduated from law school about a year ago, but we have had some trouble finding a job, so we have lived with family a lot. BUT he recently got a nice clerk position in Sandy... so here we are. My kiddos are; Afton is 3 3/4, Madelyn is 2 and Ben is 1. Our life is pretty similar to yours. We would love to get together, especially since we know no one here. my email is courtneymontierth@gmail.com

  8. My favorite part was how Jack called Seth "Seffie." That is very heartwarming. I really love when young children find special relationships in older people, and they know they are special.

  9. one of my friends 2yr old replied, when asked what Easter meant, "It means you give me more chocolate." Great idea to celebrate the week after!
    I'm glad you were so inspired :) I can't wait to hear all your good ideas on life and wisdom!


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