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I just found our five pound chub of cheese unwrapped on the floor of our living room.  There were several tiny bites down each side, with bite-sized pieces of cheese scattered all around it, with a fork and a knife.  Noah.  Classic Noah.

Austin has slept from 8-7:30 for the last two nights.  Even though my last post was all about rolling with it when you don't get any sleep, I have to admit, sleep is a pretty wonderful thing.

This weekend Mikelle and Kristen are moving in so I've spent the morning turning the playroom into an acceptable guest room for three girls.  Oh yes, Mikelle's friend Abby is moving in too...she's not just Mikelle's friend (though she is Mikelle's age), we all love her like a sister.  I couldn't be more excited.  In addition to the company, I look forward to the perks of having them around.  I have lost all enthusiasm for cooking lately, and Kristen and Abby are both amazing in the kitchen.  Mikelle won't be working, so we can just pal around all day long!  The plan is just to stay for a month or so...I think I won't want them to go.  It will be like a girls night every night.  Want to come paint toenails with us?

I scheduled a hair appointment for myself two weeks ago for this coming Saturday.  It's with my old girl up in Salt Lake.  I love her and trust her completely.  She is more expensive and quite a drive, so I haven't been back to her in a LONG time.  And now that I finally decided to schedule with her, I can't decide about my hair. Short, grow, drastic, trim?  While I've been working on growing my hair out, I just think short is more practical.  How short...that's what I can't decide.  Suggestions?

Nicole called this morning to discuss this weekend's yard sale-ing plans (how do you spell that?  I think yardsaling should just be a word) and I love it!   We always went growing up and I feel like it's just in my blood now.  It just makes me happy.  Do you go yardsaling?  You probably should.

Finally, Kevin's brother and his wife have been selected as finalists in a photo shoot giveaway, but it comes down to a vote.  Go here and vote for Mary Anne & Mike, will you?  They deserve it. It's just on the left side bar at the top and takes two seconds. I'd do it for you and your relatives, I promise.


  1. I have an opinion about hair...when you go to someone who really is good at it, you should let them do whatever they want. It has really worked for me. Sometimes I'll bring along a magazine photo of a celebrity, like what I'm liking or thinking about doing, but then I just let them roll with it. I've found that they're able to analyze my face shape, the way my hair grows or lays, and have a lot more ideas at their disposal than I do (since that's they're job). I say...go and be surprised! Let her do her work on you!

  2. sign me up for the toe painting! and you should go short, you have thick hair that goes poofy - or so I think I remember :) plus, then you can take the 5mins to actually dry your hair. it'll make you feel pretty and girly. promise :)

  3. Funny about Noah and the cheese. Eliza's into peanut butter lately, which is much messier! I caught her sneaking into the jar twice today.

    How fun to have a gaggle of girls around for a few months!

    Good luck with the hair decision. I'm hating mine right now and can't decide whether to change it or not (straight? another perm? maybe bangs? I'd love to go short again, but DH likes it long), so I'm not much help there.

  4. Oh I would love it if my sister moved in. How fun!

    You have such a pretty face you can pull off anything short!

  5. I have found the bitten cheese chunks in my house before too.... and Hooray for month long visiting sisters! I'm headed to Utah myself for a month to see MY sister (so if you're interested in a playgroup meet up let me know!). Oh, and I LOVE yardsaling (yes, it should be a word)... we schedule our Friday errands around it so I have an excuse to drive around town looking for signs =).

  6. OH yard sales! I want some! We'll be in Utah for a week and it's a must do! I can't actually go here until after finals...so mid may...I'm a little on the jealous side.

    And your hair! Ok, I've been having this same issue...but I have found that as a mom, short just works for me. It takes only 2-3 minutes to fix--including drying--and I look like I'm semi put together. Not that I care about that...it just makes me feel more accomplished with the day. :)

  7. My sister is here for 10 days too and I already dread her leaving. Not only is she a companion during the day, and fun to hang out with at night..she's also a second "me" helping out with kids, cooking and cleaning. Hang onto them as long as you can!

  8. I'm jealous you get your sisters for a month! That would be my dream... :)

    And I commented on your post below.

  9. Nice Post~!!!. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  10. I liked the cheese story. I had a similar experience with a trail leading to a pile of craisins this morning.

    It's funny that you mention a hair appointment. I am getting my hair cut on Thursday, the day before I come see you. I'm so excited. I haven't really cut it the whole time I've lived in VA which is ridiculous.

    I SCORED yard sale-ing a week ago. It gave me a high that lasted almost a week. I got a like-new co-sleeper for $8 (New they're ~$150), a size 18 mo tux for a dollar, some board games and puzzles with all the pieces for $.50 ea, etc. I was so happy. It would be fun to go with you, I'm sure we'd have a blast.

    Did you know my mom is going to fly to Washington for Mikelle's wedding? You'll get to meet her.


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