Overheard: Taylor's Thoughts on Our Nation

(Taylor often talks to himself.  Listening in is always entertaining to me.  Here is part of the conversation he had with himself yesterday: )

I live in Merita
I grown up in Merita
What is Merita?
My house is Merita.
Merita is my house.
Inside da Merita dares a MONSTER!
I trap da monster in da Merita.
I dot him in da trap!


  1. What is Merita exactly? Such cute thoughts from Noah!

  2. Ok...so I just figured out that he's saying America...I'm a little slow!

  3. And I also meant to say Taylor...but my fingers typed Noah...not sure how that happened. I was looking at the picture of Noah as I was typing it. I really did read the post!

  4. That is hilarious. Where did you get the image? Cute.

  5. What a cute kid!

    Your kite day looks like a blast.

    And fun haircut! I always admire other peoples' short, trendy, hairstlyes...I am too chicken to go short. I'm afraid/know my curls would go fro.

  6. little boys are so fascinating! that's really cute and now you'll have that story forever :)


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