OH let's GO...

Kristen and Gavin brought kites over yesterday, and there couldn't have been a more perfect night for it!  
We went to the park after dinner and had so much fun!
And of course we had to bring our trusty yellow riding toy for some rides down the hill...
The best was when Kristen and Gavin rode down together with Kristen on Gavin's shoulders!  I still have no idea how they managed it without crashing...

The outing had it's ups and downs for Austin:
But overall, we had a wonderful time.


  1. How fun!! What cute pictures of the boys!!

  2. Oh, wow, Natalie, those are some GREAT pictures! It really captures the joy of childhood. Plus, I love Austin's striped pants!

  3. It was really windy! We opted for the cul de sac and it worked. But we didn't have the ride down the hill :) That looks fun!

  4. awesome awesome night! and great pictures too! but where is the one of you getting in on the fun??
    ps- I want, no NEED that ride on...what is it so I can go hunt for one? ;)


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