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On Monday I found a black widow outside by our window well.
She's just in a jar by my computer. I have had really bad dreams about her in the two nights that have followed her capture.  The first night I dreamed she bit me.  The second night I dreamed I woke up and she was loose, and she had many babies.  They were chasing me around.   I'm not sure what to do with her.  she just isn't dying.
Here is Kevin when he was feeling like he was dying, poor man:
And here is the poster that was in the bathroom of the hospital:
 Huh?  Do you think they were going for inspirational?
You see this little boy?  This is the age Jack was when Taylor was born.  I knew one day I'd look back and realize how young he was. 

  That day has come.
He was so LITTLE.  What a great big brother he has been, even from the young age of 13 months.

And now that wonderful big brother wants a turn on the computer.


  1. That is such a cute picture of Jack and Taylor. I say kill the black widow. They freak me out, and I've killed my share. The fewer in this world, the better.

  2. Oh, spiders...not ready for them to make their return with the warmer weather approaching. It's funny that in this house my husband is afraid of them and WILL NOT go after one...no, it's me. LOL Hope your husband is feeling better! Your boys are just too darn adorable!

  3. I'm going to have nightmares about that spider. Yikes! We have big ones around our house too, but I haven't found a black widow yet and pray that I don't! I'm getting goose bumps and I'm feeling fidgety...every little tickle feels like a spider. Can you tell I'm paranoid?

  4. yikes! I'd pour some bleach in the jar. I'd feel guilty later, but black widows and the nightmares that come with them are super scary!!!
    I'm guessing the poster was going for a wash your hands if you love someone mantra but it lost me. I got sidetracked with all the green pilgrim hats.
    Your boys are just the cutest! I'm so glad that Jack was meant to be the big brother. Sometimes, you meet someone and go, man you were born out of order...like my older brother-in-law. Definitely should have been the younger one. From the stories you tell, he will always be there for his brothers and be a good guide to them in all their life endeavors. People have told me that I will expect more of my oldest because he is older, even if just by a few years, but I think I expect more of him because he is who he is. I know him well, and thus I expect him to challenge himself in the tasks of life, as I will expect the same of his younger brother. You seem like that kind of mom to me...except nicer ;) Always gently pushing your boys to be the best they can be in each stage of life and helping them push beyond best to find mastery. Granted, mastery right now means being able to tell people about the imaginary lives the ants in the backyard have, but none the less- imagination is a skill to be treasured :)

  5. That is quite the spider!! I agree with Cat time to put bleach in the jar!

  6. Oh my gosh, a black widow! How did you go about capturing that!? I would have screamed and run the other direction! But then again, it would have remained loose that way so I think you did the right thing. That's so freaky though.

  7. Love that last picture. It still amazes me you have 4 kids under 4. I would love to spend a day at your house. I bet there is never a dull moment. Those boys are going to be best buds!


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