Last night Kevin and I went to Office Depot.  I found this pen on clearance so I bought it, not really intending to use the little flag things, it was just a good price for a fine-tipped permanent marker.
 Later, while we were talking with Kristen and Gavin, I opened it and absentmindedly scribbled a random word, one that Kristen had just said in the conversation, onto one of the flags.  I have no recollection of where I put the little flag...really, I was just testing the thing out. 

Today while wiping down my counters, Kristen burst out laughing.  Because a blueberry, a bit of a quesadilla and that flag ended up together on my stove top this morning. Somehow.  I'm still laughing about it.

PS. I know I'm a dork.


  1. It's the little things, right?! :)))

  2. That kind of thing cracks me up too. :)

  3. That blueberry reminds me...you can go blueberry picking here in the Southeast, and fill up entire baskets for cheap! I need to do that soon...

  4. Fate knew you needed a good chuckle!


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