and the green grass grows all around all around

Last night we had dinner in our back yard.  Afterward, we all just enjoyed the freshly mowed grass, the good weather, and each other.  My heart was full as I counted my blessings.
 This is my Jack.  He loves to wear pajamas.  I'll dress him, we'll go somewhere, we arrive home, he changes back into his pajamas as soon as possible.  I wonder who inspired him to go for comfort over fashion?  Hmmm.
This is my Tays.  My Taylor.  Lately he prefers his full name over the nick name we've called him by for all these years.  Funny that it matters to him at this age. I don't know if I can quit.  I hope he gets over it.

  This is my Noah.  He's convinced he's older than he is and that he knows best in most situations.  He'll say "I know what to do!" whenever we're in a jam.  He is pretty brilliant.  He loves to stay busy and he loves to laugh.  He also has a piercing scream that has got to stop.  And, as you can see, he's exceptionally strong.
This is my Austy.  He's putting those chubby little legs to good use...for standing.  He'll take a few steps when he's in the mood, he's even walked across a room with enough incentive, but mostly he still crawls.  He's coming to life right now, exhibiting strong opinions and cracking his brothers up.

And these are the happy moments that sustain me through the cranky ones.


  1. They're so cute. Joey went through a stage where he insisted on being called Joseph "because that's my real name!" when he was about 4. He grew out of it after about a year and he's definitely Joey, which is good because there were three Josephs in his class this year, and one of them had a last name that also started with B.

  2. Great photos...sounds like a wonderful evening!

  3. beautifully said. I can picture the evening, and feel the feeling.

  4. Those ARE great photos! My favorite is also of Austin's thighs. So nibblable.

  5. Austin's legs crack me up!
    Noah's name is really growing on me. I remember the first time I heard it used as a name about 25 years ago, and all I could think of was the Ark...but now I really love that name! I know several little Noahs now, and I think it's a darling name! All your boys have such nice names.
    Taylor is going to be your independent one, I can tell :)
    And Jack, likes the comforts of home!

  6. Your boys are adorable! (And like Jill, I love their names.) With boys like that you must have more happy moments than cranky ones. :) I hope we have a little guy someday.

  7. What handsome little men! The other day, Afton was talking about being married and I told her she could pick one of your boys and she asked how come, I replied, because I know how great their mommy and daddy are so I know they will be great husbands. She seemed to accept that answer... I love little minds.

  8. Love it. The simple details often bring the most joy.

  9. oh I needed this! we are going thru some very cranky times right now and it's so good to be reminded of all the sweet good things little boys give us.


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