good and happy days

We had a good weekend. 
 {We try to be serious because we know we look more attractive that way.} 

but then we can't help but laugh because life is funny.

On Monday we spent a significant amount of time cleaning.  
Marlee took the boys to the park, then to get ice cream.
Mikelle and Abbie worked on the main level.
Kev and I worked upstairs and on the laundry.  
It was wonderful.
Yesterday evening was spent with Kevin's family BBQ at his parents house.  Alas, no pictures...
Mike, Mary, and Maggie were in town from Colorado and it was great to catch up with them.  Kevin's cousin Jeff and his wife Jen also came and I haven't seem them in a long time either.  The food was really good and I ate way too much.  Then some played kickball and some just talked.  Kevin was a kicker and I was a talker this time.  It was really so pleasant and the time flew by.  By the time we got home the boys were all so ready for bed.  That makes for an easy bedtime and that makes me happy.  

Kevin went to a movie with some of the adults.  Mikelle and I watched an old black and white movie called "You can't take it with you."  We laughed really hard.

And this morning I won an awesome clip over at Bloom from The Blue Eyed Freckle
How did I get to be so lucky?


  1. I entered that giveaway, too! It's your winning gene that got it again! Ahhh!

  2. I love days where you can tackle the house cleaning like that! I makes me so happy to have a clean house.

    Also, for the record I think goofy Kevin and Natalie are so cute! :)

    We should do a BBQ sometime. I know I always say it but we should really do it.

  3. Austin sure looks like his Daddy!

  4. We try to be serious because we know we look more attractive that way. This made me laugh out loud. You're attractive both ways. I am most jealous of your cleaning day with a team of four!!!! In my wildest dreams....

  5. yay for winning stuff! yes, I agree, I think Austin is Kevin's mini-me ;) you guys are such goobers!! thanks for making me smile today


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