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The house is getting hot.  Good thing it's Friday.  Tomorrow Kevin can get old rusty up and running.  I will start the day with Nicole, yardsaling.  Last week found me in the garage/shop of an elderly man, perusing what was left of his mother's estate.  I had been there before, last year.  On that day I bought 8 little pudding dishes that we have since used many, many times.  They were 5 cents each.  This  time I  bought 24 little plates for 10 cents each, some gourds for 10 cents each, and a little serving dish for 40 cents.  The plates are old, and used to be used on an airline for the first-class passengers. They're an odd size, and I'm not sure what I'll use them for, they aren't all the same.  But for now they are stacked up on my cupboards and I love them.  That is where the gourds are too.

So, do you remember the black widow we found forever ago?  Well, she just never died.  I finally put the jar out in our shed.  For at least 6 weeks, she just lived on and on.  Last week when we had dinner outside, another spider hopped on Kevin's leg and we decided to put it in the black widow jar.  The two spiders fought, and the new one won (Kristen named him wolfy, even though he is definitely NOT a wolf spider.  I'll admit, I was happy to see the black widow go.  Now we have wolfy living in the jar.  Kevin wants to save him until we find a praying mantis or some other foe.  I am ready to be done.  My boys keep running in with bugs to feed to wolfy.  This has got to stop.

We went up the canyon with the Larson side of the family on Wednesday.  We went to Mutual Dell and then Cascade Springs.  It was so beautiful.  I love seeing the older cousins with my boys.  They are all just sweet and loving with them.  People can say what they will about teenagers being self-centered.  Not so in this family.  The kids are sweet, the teenagers are stellar, the parents are wonderful. I feel so blessed that my children are part of that Larson heritage and surrounded by the best of the best.  Not to brag=)  I just love them.

Last night, because the canyon pass lasts 3 days, we went up again with Mikelle and Abbie.  The group next to ours kept looking at us oddly.  I began to wonder if we looked like polygamists or something.  This one man, these three women, these four very little children.  I was probably just letting my  run wild.  We definitely don't look like your typical polygamist family.  I almost wanted them to ask (not like they ever would).  I wanted to respond:  "me?  a polygamist?  HA!  Do you honestly think a polygamist woman would be wearing skinny jeans?"  (actually, I don't know...maybe some do.)  But they never asked, just kept looking.  I did have Mikelle take a picture of me with Kevin and the boys, just in case that is what they were thinking=)  Aside from that, we had a wonderful time chucking rocks into the river and eating marshmallows. 

A family from church generously gave us many of their son's outgrown books and toys.  While I've put some away for later, it's still like Christmas around here.  The boys LOVE all of the Mr. Potato Head stuff.

I love these books=)

We've read and read and read in the last 2 days.  I love every story in them.  Thank you, Nick!  We love everything.  =) 

And now my boys have escaped outside.  And I must go.  Have a great weekend!


  1. 10 cents is a deal!!! I couldn't stop laughing about the polygamist thing. I don't think they wear skinny jeans!!

  2. I think hand me down toys, and garage sale finds, are much much better than new stuff!

  3. no time love the post i have a story for you about polygamists

  4. For Christmas, I decided each child would get 3 gifts, just like Jesus was given by the wisemen. It was wonderful. It helped us remember the true meaning when opening presents. It helped me keep shopping from getting overwhelming or blown out of proportion. We even did ALL of the shopping online one date night at our house after the kids were in bed. It was great! Josh and I sat around the computer in our pj's and giggled and oohed and aahed at toys and deals we could find. In the end, we decided to get each child one main gift and two smaller, practical one. That, when combined with gifts from friends and grandparents and family exchanges was plenty. Anyway, Why am I telling you all of this? Corbin's main gifts was a big Mr. Potato head suitcase and Marika's was Mrs. Potato Head. The kids loved it and I do to. It inspires creativity and is fun and silly, and classic. They aren't all media-centered like some action figures or tv show board games. I guess these are the memories that flooded me when I read about your new toys.:) Enjoy!

    P.S. I went yardsaling today. I wish we could go together. It'd be fun.


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